Amazing HDR Revisited


In the foreground, the bridge Kehrwieder stairs in the warehouse district of Hamburg. In the background, the former Coast Guard building.

It serves today as a outdoor backdrop for a TV series “Hamburg Dockland.


On an island, attractively embedded in a picturesque sea scenery and park scenery, castle Schwerin counts to the most important creations of the romantic Historismus in Europe. It is a seat of the Landtag of the North German federal state Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. It was a residence of the Mecklenburg dukes and Grand Dukes for long time. The castle is a building historically grown in a 1000-year-old process whose ring-shaped figure decreases to an embankment arrangement of a Slavic castle which was established about the year 965 on a small island close to shore in the Schweriner lake.


The transformation phases of this construction complex by the centuries are documented from about 1500 by a fullness of written and graphic reports extensively. The today’s castle which is valid as a key work for the creation manner of the romantic Historismus originated from a radical rebuilding and new building of the old castle in the years from 1845 to 1857 after plans of four important architects: Georg Adolf Demmler, Gottfried Semper, Friedrich August Stüler and Ernst Friedrich Zwirner and, among the rest, French Renaissance castles served as a model.

In the middle of Germany, in the heart of the emerging Leipzig Neuseenland directly on the A38 tower, suddenly a majestic pyramid up. This alone enticed to travel to the world of BELANTIS, whose trademark is the pyramid. A world in which Indians, knights and pirates, side by side with Greek gods and Egyptian pharaohs live. A world history (n), suspense and adventure in which you have as much fun as you can learn something. BELANTIS is a journey through space and time: seven themed worlds, with its many attractions clustered around a small “Mediterranean” and the “Atlantic”.

 It will be the longest 60 seconds of your life. Your heart is racing and you will no longer know what’s up and out the bottom. The roller coaster “Huracan” in the amusement park Belantis. (So they say – I’m not down with it) I will show here the peaceful and idyllic side of BELANTIS.

In the middle of the Pacific located Easter Island there was once a great culture: Almost 1,000-than-life stone statues, mysterious characters and a hybrid of bird and man. These stone figures draw tourists today.

The importance of stone figures is not yet finally resolved. The impressive moai hot, about 5 feet high giants that are found spread all over the island. It is likely that they represent ancestors or chiefs, and had ceremonial significance.

The “Dar Mlodziezy”is a Polish sailing ship with three masts for future merchant marine officers. The name means “Gift of Youth. ” It was built in 1982 at the shipyard in Gdansk as full ship made ​​of steel, in place of the Dar Pomorza. The “Dar Mlodziezy”has been designed for a cruising speed of 11 knots (maximum 12.35 knots). They often take part in various regattas and Sails.

During the trips, the students from Poland and other countries to officers for civil navigation are trained. The ship has been designed for boat trips around the world and built and can stay a maximum of 60 days at sea without a port call at.

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