Divine Vienna HDR

vienna hdr photography (4)

These are Amazing Shots of Vienna at its very best . 

Love the Architecture the colours of HDR and the lightning compositions of these shots ! 

Amazing enjoy the ride !

vienna hdr photography (15)


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR-digital photos are characterized by high richness, even in bright areas or deep shadows.

This is possible when conventional bracketing are converted by using special software in HDR images.

About the tone mapping the image can be varied greatly. I think a lot of sensational and sometimes unrealistic acting or artistically designed images are available!

The artistic freedom are no limits. I try, the images (with a few exceptions) can act as possible as I have them glueing all at the moment of recording.

I love the varied architecture – especially historical buildings, but also the modern architecture!


vienna hdr photography (29)



The town has to offer so much that one must go over and over again to Vienna to experience everything.


vienna hdr photography (25)