Japan Is Selling Xbox One S As A Cheap HD Blu Ray Player

Xbox One S

The Xbox is not a best seller in Japan, but I didn’t know things were this bad over there. A major retailer has started advertising the Xbox One S as a “Cheap Ultra HD Blu Ray Player,” in an attempt to increase sales of the product.

Xbox One sales are quite bad over there just last week the console only sold 63 units, and some of those people likely only did it to watch movies! Meanwhile, the Switch just cleared 1.5 million in sales and the PS4 is just as popular as always.

Source: Kotaku

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    Want to hear something funny? the PS4Pro struggles to run games at 1440p@30fps!

    Meanwhile, the X is coming to deliver 4k@@60fps

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Want to hear something funnier, Jonnie Mantits?

      The Xbone has no games.

      Halo Wars 2 at 30fps.

      Two year old linear games barely better on 1.8TF more powerful hardware.

      The Xbonks is a laugh a minute.