Largest Religions In The World

World’s Religion Breakdown

These religions are ranked by the number of followers they have

ReligionDate FoundedSacred TextsMembership 5% of World 6
Christianity30 CEThe Bible2,039 million32% (dropping)
Islam622 CEQur’an & Hadith1,570 million22% (growing)
Hinduism1500 BCE with truly ancient rootsBhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, & Rig Veda950 million13% (stable)
No religion
(Note 1)
None775 million12% (dropping)
Chinese folk religion270 BCENone390 million6%
Buddhism523 BCEThe Tripitaka (consisting of the Vinaya, the Sutras, and the Abhidharma)350 – 1,600 million (2)6% (stable?)
Tribal Religions, Shamanism, AnimismPrehistoryOral tradition232 million4%
AtheistsNo dateNone150 million2%
New religions.VariousVarious103 million2%
Sikhism1500 CEGuru Granth Sahib23.8 million
JudaismNote 3Torah, Tanach, & Talmud14.5 million
Spiritism12.6 million
Baha’i Faith1863 CEAlkitab Alaqdas7.4 million
Confucianism520 BCELun Yu6.3 million
Jainism570 BCESiddhanta, Pakrit4.3 million
Zoroastrianism600 to 6000 BCEAvesta2.7 million
Shinto500 CEKojiki, Nohon Shoki2.7 million
Taoism Note 4550 BCETao-te-Ching2.7 million
OtherVariousVarious1.1 million
Wicca Note 5800 BCE, 1940 CENone0.5 million?

Other Older Reports Also Show That

Other Reports About Distribution Of Different religions in different countries


File:Christian distribution.png

[box] Muslim distribution[/box]

File:Muslim distribution.png

[box] Buddhist distribution[/box]

File:Buddhist distribution.png

[box] Hindu distribution[/box]

File:Hindu distribution.png

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