10 Amazing Halloween Costumes 2021

Halloween is awesome. Whether it’s about being creative to make your costume, or just to make people laugh, or letting loose and being crazy for a day; Halloween is a fabulous opportunity to just reveal yourself. And of course candy, there is a lot of candy.

Check out some of our personal favorites from this past weekend’s celebrations that we came across on Reddit.

1. Giant Lava Lamp


2. This DMV Employee

Halloween Costumes 2021


3. A Giant Camera That Actually Takes Photos


4. Steve Buscemi as his “How do you do, fellow kids?” character/meme from 30 Rock

Halloween Costumes 2021

Costume via Forke on reddit


5. He Dressed His 2-Year-Old Triplets Up As Hobbits

Halloween Costumes 2021


6. Office Team Dressed as Dominoes

Halloween Costumes 2021


7. An Anti-Faxxer

Halloween Costumes 2021


8. He Built a Speederbike from Star Wars


9. Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus

Halloween Costumes 2021

Costume via nukemgt on reddit


10. Happy Halloween from The Queen!

Halloween Costumes 2021

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