10 Best Celebrity Games for Mobile Phones

Are you attracted by the fancy lifestyle? Are you a fan or just the one who is too curious?  If yes, then this article is definitely for you! If you crave for more luxury and subtleties of the life of your favorite celebrity, these top celebrity games will set you on fire.

Mobile phones accompany you all day long, so mobile games with your favorite stars will be a great addition to your wonderful day!

Here we present you with the top 10 mobile games that will boost your spirits and will definitely stand out! Check them out! It is even easier than to pay someone to write your paper!


1. Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe

This app does not include luxury, but it is designed to meet the demands of the ardent physicists and nature lovers. People who are fond of the unique and the unknown will find this application to be the best opportunity to get to know the most mysterious wonders of the world! You will see the Universe in the 3-D format. Infographics will genuinely strike you!

Gordon Ramsay Dash

2. Gordon Ramsay Dash

Join the star chef and advance in your career of a cook by traveling the world and training in the most prominent restaurants of the world. Do you plead “Want free games for my phone!”? Here you are! The game is free and includes many peculiarities. You may choose the appearance of your chef, how they dress up etc. You may also challenge your friends, boost your proficiency and even compete with your the master!


3. Tyga Kingin World Tour

Micheal Tyga is a rapper who became known worldwide. Every paparazzo tries to catch him for the impeccable shot.  But, as a matter of fact, celebrities are extremely busy people whose life is full of events and work. Help well-known Tyga to escape from the cameras in this game! Along the road you will collect staff that will power you up. Do not miss a chance to indulge in the runner game!


4. Britney Spears

A celebrity game of the same name with its inspiration have already attracted thousands of people all over the world. This app is for fans of karaoke and music-lovers. Have you dreamt of becoming a well-known talented singer and song writer? This is the time to create your covers and songs and sing them any time you wish! You may become a fully-fledged star together with the game by opening your personal studio, creating your album and much more!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

5. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Join Kim Kardashian in this game and be the real star! Create your own star, makeover! Your friends may also join you during your star road to conquer Hollywood! You cam also visit the most luxurious parties of Los Angeles and meet other celebrities there! The updates in the game will help you to get to know Italian fashion better as well as try your hand at the role of a film-maker! This is your chance to be in the limelight!


6. The price of fame

This game was released by Lindsey Lohan and is gaining popularity every day. If you wish to be the center of attention and taste the price of famous people, then you desperately need to install this game on your device! The game is centered about celebrities and paparazzi. You will create a person who will be in the limelight of celebrity life and will be able to purchase accessories, toys and even pets! Get it right now!


7. Pewdiepie: Legend of brofist

Surmount the quest by the most popular Youtubers! The 2D platform will change the reality and will bring you to the world full of magic powers and unexpected events! The voice-work is done by your favorite characters! The game encompasses challenges, the search for money, secrets, diverse difficulty levels, the participation of the bosses and much more! Check it out!

Katy Perry POP

8. Katy Perry POP

This may remind you of the Britney Spears app, but it is designed specifically for Katy Perry fans to feel like a star in a music sphere. The world gives fame only to those who aspire and have great ambitions. That is why you will start as a common singer and will later climb up the ladder to proudly say you are a real singer-star!

9. Game of War – Fire Age

You will probably wonder why this game is considered to be a celebrity game? Though it does not include any celebrities inside, Game of War is promoted by Kate Upton. If you enjoy battles and bloody massacres this is for you! In one of the states, you will have to earn your reputation and build an empire to be the leader and to decide for many! You will teach your character to boost his potential and conquer new lands!

Sniper X with Jason Statham

10. Sniper X with Jason Statham

Here you are the sole Sniper X that will be not only friends with Jason Statham but also his companion to fight! You are the good guys who try to overcome all the obstacles and reach the state if the global peace. You will fight with the terrorism, chaos, and inequality in the whole world. You will be an unsurpassed sniper!

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