10 Best Healthy Drinks Made with a Blender for Juicing

Healthy Drinks

A Quick and Simple Change

Everybody’s state of mind and body are directly correlated to food intake. Often we get a craving for something spicy or greasy, and this can lead us to harm our weight. Have you ever found yourself piling on the pounds during the holidays, for instance? It can have a negative impact on your health.

Increasing the amount of sugar you consume has negative impacts on your health. However, it is simple and easy to make a change to consuming more healthy fruit drinks that are just as sweet and very tasty. For all of us busy bees, we recommend creating either drinks for men or women with blenders because it is effortless and easy to mix several different ingredients.


The Benefits of Healthy Drinks

Are you aware that most industrial juices that are labeled as 100% do also contain a lot of added sugar? If you consume industrial juices regularly, this could even lead to damage to your health, and this could be problematic. One thing that you could do is to make some healthy energy drinks. If you’re wondering how to make healthy green drinks, it may be easier than you think. In a matter of minutes, you could be sipping on some seriously tasty stuff! 

Making juices yourself is great because you can regulate just what you get out of your juice drinks. Moreover, you won’t be drinking any additional sugars or preservatives, either. If you don’t have access to a blender, start by squeezing grapefruits and oranges and anything else fresh that you have around you. It’s seriously easy to do.

Healthy drinks are brilliant fun for kids. When they’re introduced to them, they will go crazy for them, and you’ll be surprised just how many things a kid won’t like can be crammed into them. Most of the time, kids will refuse to eat certain fruits or vegetables, but if you combine them in a drink and blend them up, most of the time, they will never notice. Try out this experiment for yourself because you’ll be surprised just how much you can get away with.


How to Create a Healthy Drink

Apple and Cucumber Drink

To make things simple, we’ve come up with many great recipes for you. You can keep adding to this list and make tweaks to add your own personal touches. It’s easy to customize them to make something that reflects personal taste. Whatever fruit or vegetable drinks you chose to make, make sure that at least three things are present: liquids (vegetable milk, water, or regular milk), vegetables or fruit, and a little something extra for taste. Without further adieu, let’s look at some cracking recipes that you can make at home in an instant!


1. Strawberry and Banana

Few classic combos work as well as this one. The taste is super delicious. Add some milk to bananas and cover-up in a blender. Next, add a handful of strawberries to the mix and whizz it all up. If you want, add a little coconut milk to the mix for that special touch and a much creamier texture. Coconut milk will also give your body some healthy fats that are necessary for brain development. 

2. Beetroot Drink

For those who have health problems relating to an iron deficiency, this is the drink to consume. However, if you get enough iron in, then it can still be great to drink, particularly before a meal to aid digestion. Cut up some chunks of beetroot and blend with water – hey presto, you’re done!

3. Baby Spinach Drink

Spinach and bananas may sound insane out of the blender, but in them, they’re a cracking combo. If you add some coconut milk to spinach and bananas, then you’ve got a sweet and earthy tasting drink. Spinach is also a superfood that has many health benefits.

4. Blueberry and Pear

For those that love delicate tastes, this is one of those healthy drinks that taste almost like eating a dessert! Peel your pears and combine in your best blender for juicing with plenty of yogurts. After that, mix a few tablespoons of blueberry and a teaspoon of honey for sweetness. If you like, add mint leaves for a refreshing flavor.

5. Superfood Special

What’s excellent about blending is the ability to combine superfoods into the mix. Do use this to your advantage to consuming things that might taste a bit gross when consumed on their own such as chia seeds or spirulina. You’ll be surprised just how much they will not change the taste. Superfoods will enhance drinks for women and men without ruining anything – the only thing that will happen is that the texture will be thicker. You can do any combo you like, but we love mixing the ingredients we’ve talked about with pears or oranges.

6. Orange Mix

If you love a good kick of citrus, we thoroughly recommend consuming a blend of oranges, apples, and carrots. It will be a drink full of vitamins and super healthy. We recommend to grate all of your ingredients before putting them in a blender, plus the addition of grated ginger adds additional vitamin A.


7. Protein Drink

Get some almond milk and blend up with a banana. After this, add some dates and almond butter, and you wouldn’t believe how much protein there will be. It can be a great way of getting nutrition in on the go when you don’t have time to sit down and eat. 

8. Mango Lassis

By chopping up a mango and combining it with a cup of yogurt and half a cup of milk, heaven will be poured into every glass. Once everything has blended up smoothly, add some cardamon, and blend again to create an aromatic and delicate flavor. You’ll be surprised just how tasty this drink will turn out to be.

9. Pomegranate Drink

Beauty can be challenging to preserve, but pomegranates have substances that have anti-aging properties. Cut your pomegranate in half, squeeze it and use a large spoon to bash on the back – you’ll notice the seeds falling out very quickly. Combine every cup of seeds with a dash of water, and you’ll have a brilliant smooth texture. 

10. Ginger and Orange

It is a wonderful drink when you’re not feeling to drink a cup of tea. Add a bit of grated ginger into some orange juice plus a single teaspoon of honey. In the end, you’ve got the perfect formula for a winter drink that can help you prevent catching a cold. 

Healthy Drinks for Life

Now that you’ve read our article, you will have seen just how simple and fulfilling it can be to make your drinks. It’s a great habit to get into, and there is a whole world of benefits that awaits you. Because you now know how to make healthy drinks, please give it a go and get creative! Your gut will thank you for it. 

In your opinion, what are healthy drinks for kids? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Author’s Bio: LaBonte knows all about detox drinks as he used to own a juice bar before going on to start his healthy lifestyle blog. Nowadays, LaBonte works as a copywriter and has written about what drinks are healthy for a wide range of publications and websites. In his spare time, he loves to cycle and keep fit.

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