10 Best Mobile Games Based On Movies/TV Series

Your smartphone is full of amazing tools, and it’s likely you don’t know all of them. Today we’ll look at some of the most exciting mobile games that you won’t feel like you’re wasting your time. To kick this list up a notch, we wanted to bring your favorite movie characters closer, so we’ve gathered the ten best mobile games based on movies/TV series. Let’s see what amazing adventures your phone literally has in store for you!

Pokémon GO

1. Pokémon GO

How could we start our list differently? It’s highly unlikely you haven’t heard of this mobile game yet. It has conquered the entire world, and it’s becoming a part of the most influencing events of 2016.

Pokémon GO is a free-to-play game developed by Niantic and brings forward a compelling and new game genre: real world based game! The app connects to your GPS to read your location and will send you on special missions to catch all the lovable Pokemons around your city with Poke Balls.

You play the role of a Pokemon Trainer, and at some point, during the game, you’ll get to choose to join Team Instinct, Mystic or Valor. From this point on, you can open or join other players’ gyms to train your Pokemons and become a Master Trainer.

Pokémon GO has allowed the TV Series fans to experience their favorite fantasy world in real life, and the game has also welcomed new teenagers to the culture of one of the most famous TV Series of the 90s.

Spider-Man Unlimited

2. Spider-Man Unlimited

The intelligent yet eternal troublemaker Peter Parker now has to face the most fearsome villains of his life! His most hated enemies, also known as The Sinister Six, have joined their forces to find all the Spider-Men from all time dimensions and eliminate them one by one.

To help him escape his terrible fate, you must collect all the Spider-Men and Spider Women to fight against this powerful league of villains. Start a journey filled with adrenaline, rush, and suspense to save one of the most popular Marvel superheroes together with his doppelgangers from the other dimensions of the Universe!

Despicable Me

3. Despicable Me

Control the cute and silly minions from the “Despicable Me” famous adventure comedy, and help them run to safety! You can only move them forward at a dizzying speed through iconic locations created for the movie.

During this crazy run, your minion must avoid obstacles, scary enemies, and pay close attention to any sudden corners that might squash him to death (and lose one of his infinite lives!). However, it’s not just about staying alive, but also enjoying the ride! The dashing minion can eat super powers and become a Mega-Minion or get the ride of his lives with the Fluffy Unicorn and Gru’s Rocket.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

4. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The funny character Homer got himself into big trouble (again!): he melted his entire city of Springfield by accident. This tragedy has a good side, though. You get to rebuild one of the most iconic cities in the world of animated TV Series and find Homer’s friends and family.

This time, you can create Springfield the way you want. You can choose to recreate the town by respecting all the details, or get crazy with your town and reinvent it. The game’s currency causes sugar rush (no, seriously, you earn donuts!) and you must complete tasks to become rich.

This free to play city building game will surely feed your Simpsons fan addiction for hours.

The Hobbit: King Middle-earth

5. The Hobbit: King Middle-earth

The most epic movie franchise (that is if you consider “Lord of The Rings” and “The Hobbit” one fantastic series of adventures) has a mobile version to play wherever you go, and it’s amazing!

The game is based on strategy, and you get to lead your favorite movie characters into legendary battles against the forces of evil. You can create your own Elf or the Dwarf Kingdom and become the ruler of Middle-earth. Choose Gandalf, Legolas or young Bilbo to lead your troops in chasing the goblins away from the Misty Mountains.

You can also play player vs. player by creating online alliances and defeat all the other real players that stand in your way by employing the best battle strategies.

Hotel Transylvania 2

6. Hotel Transylvania 2

Thanks to this mobile game, you can get in the shoes of Dracula and manage the greatest hotel of all times that was specially created for frightening monsters! Or are they really so scary as they want to appear?

Besides you own monster hotel, you can customize your own haunted village, graveyard, the kitchen of Quasimodo and more. This way, you have unlimited fun time with your monsters. Plus, the hotel opens its doors to humans too, so get ready to manage the clash of the two worlds.

There are also side quests to win gold, and you can make your characters change into bats, summon sandstorms, eat scream-cheese or do the Vamp Dance.

Trivia for Harry Potter Spells

7. Trivia for Harry Potter Spells

This mobile game is dedicated to all the Harry Potter out there. The producers of the game left all the adventures to be discovered through the books and movies and focused on sharing more knowledge of the wonderful world of wizards.

You can test and remind yourself of all the spells taught by the Hogwarts teachers, discover their names and recall the magic moments when these spells were cast during the eventful life of Harry Potter.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

8. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

“Star Wars” is another iconic movie series that couldn’t have gotten away without a mobile game of its own.

In the “Galaxy of Heroes”, your mission is to step into the both light and dark sides to gather up a powerful team of warriors. You will meet your favorite characters from the original trilogy and its prequels, animated TV Shows, and even from the very recent movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”!

Train your team in the secrets of light and dark forces, gear them up with special battle equipment, and lead them to epic adventures on the battlefield!

Walking Dead: Season 1

9. Walking Dead: Season 1

Let’s make room for the mobile game from the world of horror! This game, intended only for iPhone users, tells the story of some of the episodes from Season 1 of “The Walking Dead.”

It is more than just a “shoot them up” game. You get the chance to explore some very dark and psychological places from the universe created by Robert Kirkman. Each player experiences different game version, as the destiny of your characters, can be changed with every decision you take in this game.

 Lara Croft GO

10. Lara Croft GO

The latest mobile entry in the “Tomb Raider” saga, Lara Croft GO, came out last year on August 27th, and it lived up to the expectations! Once more, players follow the archeologist into new and exciting adventures throughout unseen-before tombs, lands, and dangerous traps. This time, you get to enjoy the game in turn with other online players, and you have to make sure that your version of Lara Croft safely reaches the end of her adventures.

There is a welcome lack of violence, which is replaced with exploration and puzzle-solving that provide “an elegant and beautiful experience” according to reviews. So, it may not be the action-packed Tomb Raider game we are used to, but it does not lack in the mystery and tricky solutions fans of the franchise cherish.

All in all, you can have a great time playing mobile games if you know what game to pick. Choose your favorite characters and fictional worlds and start your own adventures!

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