10 Best Planetary Vehicles From the STAR WARS Universe


StarWars.com has a web-series called the StarWars.com 10, and it breaks down the ten best things from Star Wars universe. This latest episode points out the ten best planetary vehicles that have been created in the Star Wars universe. Watch the video below to see the 10 best planetary vehicles from the Star Wars.

Here’s a breakdown of the ten vehicles:


10. AT-TE
Meet a battle droid battalion’s worst nightmare. Stomping over all opposition to open our list is the AT-TE, or all All Terrain Tactical Enforcer. A giant, walking tank, the 6-legged AT-TE has everything a clone trooper needs to clear out plenty of clankers. That’s probably why three of the Republic’s best made one their retirement home.

Imperial Troop Transport

9. Imperial Troop Transport
It was created to spread tyranny in playrooms, and now does so on Lothal and other Empire-ruled worlds. In addition to stormtroopers and cargo, the Imperial Troop Transport moves prisoners – on display for all to see – making it a powerful tool of intimidation. While we’d never recommend backing down from Imperials, be ready for a fight.


8. Snowspeeder
Looking to find lost Rebels or take down AT-ATs on a desolate ice world? You want a snowspeeder. With a sleek wedge-shaped design, and a smaller frame that allows for quick turns and blazing speed, this Rebel craft can do it all.


7. Sandcrawler
When you’re in the droid business, you need some trunk space. And the Sandcrawler has plenty. It’s essentially a moving fortress, featuring massive treads, an imposing exterior, and the tools and room to move product quickly.

 Republic Attack Gunship

6. Republic Attack Gunship
How do you kick off the Clone Wars in style? With THIS. The Republic Attack Gunship is tailor-made for battle-droid destruction: it has laser turrets, rocket launchers, and very cool cockpit bubbles we’d LOVE to try out.


5. Landspeeder
Perfect for a desert drive or arms-deal date, the landspeeder is among the galaxy’s most popular on-world transports. Models differ in design, from the pointed nose of the V-35 to the cool half-dome windshield and turbine trio of the X-34, but all look sharp. FYI: when you’re looking for a runaway astromech, a landspeeder is the ONLY way to travel.

Sail Barge

4. Sail Barge
For Tatooine crime lords with a taste for the…finer things, a luxury sail barge is essential. The ultimate symbol of excess, the sail barge has room for hundreds of guests and space for all kinds of live entertainment. Still, no sail barge is Jedi and princess-proof.

Pod racer

3. Pod racer
Two high-powered engines. One open-air cockpit. All awesome. The Podracer is one of the most fun and unique vehicles of a galaxy far, far away, with unmatched velocity and a totally original look.

Speeder bike

2. Speeder bike
In the forests of Endor, on the streets of Lothal, and almost everywhere else, you’ll find the amazing speeder bike. Blindingly fast, it requires great skill to drive and maneuver, and the forked front and blaster cannons only add to its cool quotient. If that doesn’t convince you, just remember: speeder bikes are Ewok approved.


1. AT-AT
It is immense in size. It is second to none in firepower. And it is near unstoppable. An AT-AT, or All-Terrain Armored Transport, represents the might and mercilessness of the Empire. It has a menacingly cold, high-tech aesthetic — a perfect match for those inside. And the sight, sound of, or tremor felt from the walker’s thunderous steps can strike fear in the heart of the most seasoned Rebel. The AT-AT is memorable and awe-inspiring, no matter which side you’re on. That’s why we rank it #1.

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