10 Bizarre Items Sold Online

Over the last few years, online stores have revolutionized how and where we do our daily shopping. Online retailers cater to a range of interests and products, while offering some of the lowest competitive prices.

Today, it’s no surprise the online megastore, Amazon.com is one of the leading sites to go find virtually anything. From household items, groceries, electronics, beauty supplies, clothing and more— Amazon.com truly has a bit of everything.

[Drumroll please]

Here’s 10 unforgettably odd items that you can currently find on Amazon.com.

Who knows, have a good laugh, get an idea for a great gag gift, or maybe just add to your oddball collection.

1. Roswell UFO Crash Site Soil $12.95

Bizarre Items Sold Online

Sci-fi fans and UFO believers can appreciate a little bit of “history.” It’s a bag of red-colored soil, authentic to the alleged June 8, 1947 UFO crash site near Corona, NM. Whether the alleged UFO crash is true or not, believers will be believers and skeptics…well, skeptics still.

2. UFO-02 Detector $74.95

 Bizarre Items Sold Online

Did you know that about 1/3 Americans believe in UFOs? Whether its extraterrestrials flying through our skies, government planes or the trick of the eye, here’s one device that claims to sense electromagnetic disturbances.

16 LED lights will flash— alerting of any odd anomalies in the air. Perhaps it’s time to finally debunk the mystery?

3. Canned Unicorn Meat $12.99

 Bizarre Items Sold Online

It looks like canned SPAM, until you take a double-take at the label. This is what happens in a world where unicorns exist. Apparently, one moment they are grazing in meadows; the next, they are hunted and sold for magical dinners everywhere.

Luckily, what’s inside isn’t a preserved meat replica of a supposed unicorn; instead it’s an everyday, typical dismembered stuffed unicorn in a can. With an easy to open lid— you luckily won’t need a can opener!

4. Spam Macadamia Nuts $10.49

Bizarre Items Sold Online

Who can resist the flavor of SPAM, the champion of precooked meat since 1937 for WWII? And if you love macadamia nuts, the Hamakua Plantations Company has an offer you can’t refuse: Macadamia Nuts with Spam.

It’s nuts…its macadamia nuts with a salty, smoky pork flavor.

5. No One will Take Your Cup! Plug Coffee Mug $21.99

Bizarre Items Sold Online

For those who don’t like to share, here’s the best coffee mug out on the market. It’s the fail-proof way of guaranteeing that no one will take your mug next time you step away for a meeting or a break.

It’s a mug, complete with a plug. Don’t want anyone to take a mug? Simply make it useless by taking out the cork.

And if you run into anymore problems, there’s always the new iPhone spy software to keep an eye out around the office.

6. USB Pet Rock $13.82

 Bizarre Items Sold Online

So what does the USB Pet Rock do? Absolutely nothing…and yet, it’s compatible with Windows 7 or lower, Mac OS and Linux.

Best used to confuse people and give your work space some personality. After all, a pet rock is easy to manage—there’s no feeding or watering involved.

7. Bio-Pick- the Scientific way to Play the Lottery $19.95

Bizarre Items Sold Online

The Bio-Pick is a hand-held, bio-interactive lottery number picker; and if it works, successfully, could help people win hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars.

The key word here is ‘if’.

So how does it work? The Bio-Pick uses the electro-chemistry of your body (similar to lie detector technology) to pick your numbers. It’s a personal gambling experience, uniquely programmed for games in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. An extra perk: the USB port allows free updates whenever lotteries change.

8. USB Polygraph $99.95

 Bizarre Items Sold Online

The USB Polygraph is a home-based machine that determines the truth with a 80-99% accuracy rate.

Whether for a good ol’ game of truth or dare, or just getting the truth out from someone, the device is both portable and easy-to-use.

Just plug the polygraph into your PC’s USB port and connect the sensors to your subject. But ask yourself: is the truth really worth the hassle?

9. Goateesaver- The Goatee Saving Template $19.99

 Bizarre Items Sold Online

It’s an adjustable template to shave and sculpt the perfect-looking goatee. Best used for perfectionists and people with unsteady hands alike. Who knew?

Side note: the shaving razor is not included.

10. Neck Genie Neckline Slimmer $7.29

 Bizarre Items Sold Online

The Neck Genie Neck Line Slimmer is the non-surgical invasive way to get rid of double-chins everywhere. Forget exercise—the device claims that just two minutes of use per day will tighten and tone your neck.

Apparently, it’s the fast, affordable and painless way to get a neck lift.

Yes indeed, Amazon.com has it all. From sci-fi items, food, beauty supplies— there’s a bit of everything to satisfy your fancy. Just hunt a little deeper, to find the comical, odd side of online retail.

Guest contributor Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for ADT business security solutions. She is a published journalist & blogger with an English degree and political science minor from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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