10 Bizarre Movie Accidents That Somehow Kept In The Final Cut

Bizarre Movie Accidents

Movies are full of blunders and you have to be a smart guy to point them out. Plot-holes, inaccuracies and goofs are traded with gusto, with the more rare finds being the most valued.

Little less impressive is spotting errors in movies that are so obvious that you have to question how exactly they made it through the edit. There are multiple people employed on those projects, who apparently watch the footage numbers of times in total, when it was filming, reviewing, editing and testing with audiences. But somehow some mistakes slip through them and ended up in the final cut of the movie.

Sometimes they’re left in on purpose, but other times – more embarrassingly – they’re ignored because of laziness or stupidity or a mixture of the two, Check out the video below and see some of the errors in action.

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