10 Desks that are Probably More Interesting than Yours

As you sit at the plain old wooden table where you work, take a look at these ten desks, which are probably more interesting than yours.

1. Dali’s desk

Dali’s desk

 The surrealist artist’s interesting take on what constitutes furniture.

2. Underwater desk

Underwater desk

 In 2009, Maldives government ministers held a cabinet meeting beneath the sea – to highlight the effects of global warming.

3. Underwater desk 2

Underwater desk 2

 In Mexico, ‘The Lost Correspondent’ is part of artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s eerie underwater sculpture park. Over 500 sculptures feature in the sub aqua museum.

4. Yard desk


 Clever decking and chunky desk transform this tiny yard into an al fresco study. The bamboo and Buddha add a touch of zen.

5. Bike rack desk

Bike rack desk

 Is it a bike rack? Is it a desk? Oh, it’s both. Handy, but not recommended for long shifts. Unless you’re a seasoned endurance cyclist.

6. Aeroplane desk

Aeroplane desk

 This impressive workspace is designed by LA-based firm Motoart, who craft all kinds of furniture from aircraft engines.

7. BMW desk

A vintage motor car becomes a desk with real wow factor.

8. Treadmill desks

Treadmill desks

 Work out while you work with this innovative design. Removes the need for after-work gym visits. Hopefully, they’ve got office showers.

9. Ball pool desk

Ball pool desk

 We’re not exactly clear what’s happening in this picture, but more people should have a ball pool around their desk. And why isn’t he in it?

10. The overgrown desk

The overgrown desk

 Eco architects Tres Birds Workshops created these leafy offices in the middle of Denver. The idea was to challenge the notion of technology taking over nature by imagining the roles reversed.

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