10 Of The Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said Or Tweeted

Stupid Donald Trump (6)

4. Taxing China

China is the world’s next superpower. The 21st century will belong to the Middle Kingdom, with the US, India and maybe Europe hovering around the periphery. So it might seem wise for a prospective presidential candidate to build bridges with Beijing. But Trump certainly didn’t get to where he is today by being wise. In 2011, he issued a direct challenge to China, shouting:

“Listen you motherf—–s! We’re going to tax you 25 percent!”

The logic behind this is presumably that Trump thinks China is taking jobs away from decent, hardworking Americans. Thank god the Donald is here to sort out those sweatshop loving Commies… oh, no. Wait. Turns out Trump himself has much of his clothing line made in China to reduce costs, taking jobs away from American workers and adding to the growing Chinese economy. Nice consistency there, Donald.

Stupid Donald Trump (4)

3. Mexico is Sending Over Rapists and Killers

Sometimes, a comment is just so blatantly race-baiting that you almost have to admire the gumption of the psychopath who made it. In summer 2015, Donald Trump accused the Mexican government of deliberately sending “rapists” and “killers” into the US. It was as open an instance of real-life trolling as politics has ever seen. It’s also one of the most monumentally moronic things anyone has ever said.

From a factual point of view, it was an utter howler. Not only does no-one without a tinfoil hat believe Mexico is deliberately sending shadowy sex perverts into the US, the government’s own sex assault statistics prove otherwise. As a population, Latinos are hugely underrepresented in sex assault cases, while whites are conversely overrepresented. Only two percent of illegal immigrants are arrested for sex crimes; two percent too many, but a tiny amount compared to what Trump is claiming.

Perhaps more pertinently for such a business ‘genius’ though, Trump’s remarks were simply bad business. In the immediate aftermath, Colombia pulled out of hosting Trump’s Miss Universe pageant.

Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said

2. Execute the Innocent

This one isn’t so much something Trump said as something he did. In 1989, New York was rocked by a devastating rape attack on a white female jogger in Central Park. In the aftermath, a group of African-American teenagers were interviewed as suspects. Trump immediately took out a swathe of full-page newspaper ads attacking them in the harshest terms. The ads all ended with a call to execute the teenagers as quickly as possible.

The group were then all found innocent.

Even by the Donald’s standards, this was one heck of a fail. It didn’t help that this was only shortly before the whole “laziness is a trait in blacks” storm we mentioned earlier blew up. In an attempt to make amends, Trump visited a black assault victim in hospital, where he promised to pay all her medical bills. If only he’d now do the same for everyone else he’s ever offended, we might just have a viable alternative to Obamacare.

Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said

1. Claiming He Could Have Prevented 9/11

It takes a certain kind of extremely awful person to use the deaths of nearly 3,000 people to score a political point. Want to guess who is exactly that kind of extremely awful person? We’ll give you a clue: his name begins with ‘T’ and his hair defies logic. In October 2015, the world’s biggest gasbag declared that his policies on immigration would have stopped 9/11 from ever happening.

It’s hard to see exactly how this would have worked. A grand total of zero of the hijackers were Mexican, and most of Trump’s immigration rhetoric can be summed up as forcing Mexico to pay for a wall to be built across the border. But, on a more-human level, it’s basically just horrific. On the one hand, you have perhaps the greatest mass-tragedy the United States has ever experienced. Weighed up against that, you have Donald Trump wanting to get one over on Jeb Bush by insulting his brother.

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