10 Funny Jokes Hidden in The Credits of Popular Films

Funny Jokes Hidden in The Credits of Popular Films

ScreenRant has released a video which featured ten movies that have jokes in the credits. I was only familiar with Deadpool joke because it was on your face, like the movie itself. Other jokes are taken from Frozen, Airplane, RoboCop, Pulp Fiction, Mallrats, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

These days, you’d be a fool to leave a movie theatre as soon as the credits started to roll, because you’re more than likely to end up missing out on something important or fun if you do. The days when credits were nothing more than a list of the names of the people involved in the making a movie are long gone. Now, audiences are treated to mid-credits scenes and post-credits scenes, as well as interesting messages and funny jokes that are hidden within the credits themselves.Of course, the key word there is “hidden”. Often, it’s hard to spot these fun inclusions with the naked eye – the mass of text included in any given movie’s credits can make it almost impossible to see them – but they’re definitely there and we’re going to show you a selection of the funniest.

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