10 Future Innovations We Are Waiting For

The Jetsons weren’t just cartoons for children, they were the image of what we imagine, or rather wish, our future world to look like. Hover vehicles, robots doing everything for us and almost everything happening at our whims and fingertips; wishes of a lazy society like ours. Sure, we have phones that handle our appointments, pocket sized personal computers, the miracle of flight, wireless connectivity and electricity, but it all seems little consolation of a world in our minds that promises anti gravity cars, human life on Mars, robots to wipe our butts for us and all the other insane luxuries our thankless, lazy minds conjure up. Well, here we have compiled a list, of the top ten inventions most of us wish we could have available at the nearest Walmart or online.

10. The Driver-less Car

9. The Flying Car

8. The Underwater City

7. Robot Maids

6. Ticket to Mars

5. Food-in-a-pill

4. Personal Jetpacks

3. The Air-Conditioned Suit

2. Atomic Powered Homes

1. A Computer That’s Smarter Than a Human


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