10 Futuristic Gadgets That Will Be Unveiled In 2017

2016 was the year of innovation and we have high hopes for the gadgets of 2017. So today, we compiled an exclusive list of gadgets that are expected to come out this year.

10. Hydra-Light Lantern and Charger

Beaches are awesome until your phone battery runs out. Disconnected from the world, you can only pray for a power source. Well, your prayers just got a response! Hydra-Light is the ultimate clean, renewable energy, a Salt Water Energy Cell, that not only charges your cell phone but can also generate light.

Hydra-Light Lantern and Charger

9. Robot Chef Arms

Straight outta Jetson, these robot chef arms are the ultimate solution to all your cooking problems.

8. Skype’s Universal Translator

Stop fidgeting with google translator. Skype just developed an artificial intelligence that can turn up to eight spoken languages into 50 text languages. The translator continues to get smart about translating from different languages and dialects.

Skype’s Universal Translator

7. LG Signature Fridge

Time to cease repeated opening and closing your refrigerator every 2 minutes to check the food contents. With this LG signature Fridge, you no longer need to open the fridge to see what’s inside it. Just knock on the panel, and you can see right through it.

6. Foldable Phones

Nope, not Flip phones. The era of ‘Foldable phones’ is here. Samsung has been working on foldable phone technology for quite some time, and the release is expected at the end of this year.

Foldable Phones

5. Laundroid

Who likes folding laundry? No one! Well, you can now happily leave it to Laundroid, world’s first laundry folding robot. Two robotic arms inside Laundroid’s cabinet pull items of clothing from a drawer beneath the robot and hold them up so a camera can distinguish between, say, a T-shirt and a blouse. They then fold the clothing according to a preset pattern.

4. 3D-Printed Casts

Gone are the days of itchy plastered casts. Cortex cast is 3D printed after an initial X-Ray and 3D scan of the arm to build precisely fitting customized cast. On the downside, you cannot sign the cast for your friends.

3D-Printed Casts

3.  Smart Contact Lenses

Spending fortune for the development of smart contact lenses is quite common. May it be for health monitoring or for taking quick pictures or for just zooming in from a distance. These lenses sound like something out of SpyKids, and they may just come out this year.

Smart Contact Lenses

2. The RYNO

Your old unicycle just got transformed into a motorcycle. The RYNO is like a hybrid of unicycle and Segway. It may look funny, but it is very convenient for short commutes in the city.


1. Hoverbikes

Haven’t we all been dreaming of hover boards forever? The passionate scientists at the Aerofex just created a hover bike Aero-X that looks like a cross between Star Wars speeder bike and a helicopter. These bikes are totally expected to come out this year.


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