10 Great College Movies

22 Jump Street

Too old to watch movies? No way. College life is full of responsibility and studying to achieve your aims and goals. Studying side by side, there also should be fun and enjoyment to have a healthy brain and be active in lifestyle. Movies these days are so uninteresting that you get bored immediately and stop watching them. As for college students, they need something to break from the boring routine, so the movies are a great option and even can be an inspiration to do my homework.

You have heard from your elders that “old is gold”. Yes, it fits here well. Living in 2021, we will suggest good and interesting movies, organized by year that you can easily choose and watch with your friends. These top 10 movies are as follows:

2018 – Life of the party is a story of a divorced woman who has been depressed due to a crisis. Her daughter studied in college and then she learned how life can be so enjoyable.

2016 – Everybody wants some was released in 2016, not that much old. Being a big fan of Blake Jenner, I love to watch it’s every single movie. Yes, that’s right. He is the main character in it, playing the role of a baseball named Jake. The story revolves around having coordination with other team members and how he connects with other girls at parties.

2014 – We will highly recommend you 3 movies that you can watch:

  • 22 jump street – Police got the task to find people associated with some organization using drugs. Yup, another interesting movie to watch.
  • Neighbors – Zac Efron is a star in this movie and I bet you will love this one. The movie is about a neighborhood where parents are having complications finding a good one.
  • Dear white people – Story of four black students who studied at a university and went out in protest of American-African and condemn the racism.

2013 – Spring breakers have a story of four friends who are out of money to go on any vacations. For that, they open a restaurant and looted money from the public but were afraid to go to jail. Unfortunately, that happens and someone promises them to take out of it.

2012– Pitch perfect involves the story of a girl who enjoyed music in a fictional world and tries to bring her friends. She enjoyed it so much, so she decided to stay there.

2009 – Sorority Row has the story of a society that decided to do a prank on their boyfriends but ended up killing them. A story of survival and how they hide this mysterious murder.

2007 – Sydney white is a story of a girl, named, Sydney white. In this movie, Bynes is starring the main character. The story of this movie is about her college life where she joined a society. Unfortunately, she got misfit in the group and didn’t get the chance to be part of that group.

2006 – Accepted is the most suspense movie to watch. The story is also interesting which is about a student who created a fake university website online and tells his parents about it. The student tries his best that his parents would not find the truth.

These movies are great to have some fun with friends but maybe it’s also a great material for your next dissertation writing. Some good movies never end. The list keeps continuing to grow if you search more about it. We highly recommend you to watch these and spend your weekend having fun and entertainment. Enjoy!

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