10 Hilarious Foreign Rip-Offs of Hollywood Box Office Hit Movies

10 Hilarious Foreign Rip-Offs of Hollywood Box Office Hit Movies

Screen Rant has released a new video that gives us the top ten hilarious foreign rip-offs of popular Hollywood films. Some of the films included on the list are Turkish Captain America, Japanese Spider-Man, Brazilian Star Wars, Indian Superman, Italian Jaws, and more. I loved Indian Superman and when I researched more there is even Indian Spiderman, Which is way worse than the Superman.

Whenever a movie franchise breaks new ground in Hollywood, or looks like the next big fad, rival studios rush to make sure they have at least one similar property on the way. But overseas, where copyright laws, and blatantly ripping off entire movies are a grey area, a carbon copy can still be successful. And sometimes, a rip-off can reach heights – or depths – that the original could never have imagined. We want to hear your comments about these so make sure you sound off in the comment section below! Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Foreign Rip-Offs Of Popular Hollywood Movies.

Here is the notorious Indian Spiderman for you, I am sure it is a song from the very vibrant Bollywood movie. Forget the wordings of the song and just watch the dance moves and think, this would happen if we gave the rights of Spiderman to Bollywood (That’s the name of the Indian film industry). This is F****** hilarious!

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