10 Impostor Tips To Win Any Game       


Impostor is referred to as one of the players inside the lobby who is always assigned to killing the enemy. The impostor bears the role that is not different from any crewmate and is usually impossible to figure out unless the other crewmates catch him or her red-handed. Apart from the other crewmates, the imposter also holds some extra abilities, and this article will come to know about the impostor tips to win a game.

  • Checking kill cooldown time

It is mandatory always to keep a note on your kill cooldown time. More than 10-15 seconds means you have to be extra careful in seeing that no one else is around when you are about to battle someone off. The more the cooldown time, means the slower you can kill.

  • Keep sabotaging

You can get the opportunity to sabotage from any place. You have to do so by finding the point on the map. Availability of cooldown time is available that takes some time before sabotaging another location. Consideration of sabotaging the reactor and the o2 filter while killing off the lights, as well as closing doors, are some of the relevant ways to improve your winning chance.

  • Usage of the time

After sabotage, usually, you can see that the crew members rush to the affected area to fix the damage. This is where you can get the window to kill a crew member working alone in a room or running through an alley. 

  • Try not to be too late while making it to the zone.

When you see that everyone has made it to the sabotaged spot without you, some of the crew members will usually note this, and this is the point that can bring in suspicions. That said, always note that don’t be the last to reach the spot that will save you from a strong case against you. Show some fake support that will not make others suspicious of you.

  • Kill immune players as soon as you spot them

Sometimes you will have to unwillingly fake certain visual tasks. When you’re the impostor, then you’ll get the choice between you and them. One of these norms is that you will be vulnerable to losing the game if they accuse you. That said, you’ll have to kill immune players as soon as possible. Killing immune players quickly is very important for the impostor. 

Remember not to take your time and kill other crewmates because that only leads to increased chances of becoming the prime suspect. At the same time, stop being reckless. The pro tip is using sabotage to isolate the immune player.

  • Acting like a crewmate

Talking, voting, and accusing as a crewmate is the pro tip. In all circumstances, be honest about your whereabouts, and don’t be too aggressive. There’s a chance that the early game aggression leads to another player’s eviction. This is the point that draws attention to yourself. It’s good to remember that the crewmates are usually less inclined to suspect you if they think you’re a noob. Always show the stupid, inquisitive vibes and the subtle ways to achieve your objective. At all times, remember not to exaggerate.

  • Vent with caution!

Venting proves to be something exclusive to impostors. This strategy allows you to travel from one part to the other quickly. Being in a ten-player lobby with eight players against you means that most of the time, impostors get caught venting, resulting in them getting kicked out instantly. Sparingly using vents only to hide becomes the most favorable option. This option is also applicable for killing someone rather than traveling with it.

  1. Always sabotaging with purpose

Players usually develop the habit of using the sabotage option for the simple reason that it is off cooldown. However, it’s good to remember that the strategy is never recommended as it will always end up leaving you without the option when you need it the most. The best ones that will be suitable at such times are lights, O2, and COMMS. The strategy helps split up all of the players and makes it easier for impostors to get a clean kill.

  1. Saving the hard life for the end

Three crewmates remaining means that the impostors should run to the big red button. Right after that, they should take the strategy of claiming that they saw someone vent. Powerful accusations, when used, guarantee everyone sides with the accuser. A vent accusation can get all the support. However, it’s good to note that once they kick out the guy accused who isn’t the impostor, there comes a moment where all fingers point to the “snitch.”

  1. Spare crewmates using emergency meetings

As an impostor, you should always note the person using the emergency meetings and keep track of how many have been left. Crewmates are totally out of meetings, which means the best idea to work out is to spare them and save them for the end. Consequently, the impostor is left with a small group who can’t even make the alarm work. The impostor is always involved in reserving who to kill for last. That said, the crewmates will back the impostor.

The tips mentioned above are some of the most reliable PC Game hacks for the impostor to win any game. Do follow these tips if you’re attempting to be one of the impostors. 

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