10 Incredibly Weird Whale Facts

What we’re doing here today is taking you on one of those whale-watching tours. You’ll get all the facts: from whale BFFs to wait, those testicles weigh how much?!? Here’s just a list of some amazing facts about the giant of the sea, that incredible whale.

Female whales have BFFS. Studies have revealed that humpback whales -especially the females s-make friends who will, after not seeing each other for a year, spend significant time with each other while bonding even more than before. The longest friendship was recorded at six years, and these female friendships are believed to be beneficial as the whales involved gave birth to the most calves. CRACKED.COM

The closest living relative to whales is the hippopotamus. The molecular phylogeny shows that these two are likely first cousins. The reason they look so different from each other is that there's a good 40-million-year gap between the fossils of early whales and early hippos. Scientists have yet to find the common link between them. CRACKED.COM

Whales can be divided into two main types. Baleen whales {14 species) have baleen sheets that they use to sieve their prey from seawater, and toothed whales (76 species) have teeth to bite with. Baleen whales are also pretty huge in general-think humpbacks and blue whales - and they have two blowholes where toothed whales only have one. CRACKED.COM

Toothed whales are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Pictured: A Beluga whale. Thanks to their large brains they exhibit complex behavior-they can teach and learn from others. CRACKED.COM

North Atlantic right whales have the largest testicles in the world. They weigh in at around 500kg/half a ton, each. CRACKED.COM

Whales get sunburns. Some species have been recorded with blisters on their skin from our powerful sun. Blue whales use pigmentation to try and protect themselves from those UV rays s j just like us s-and sperm whales trigger a stress response in their genes. CRACKED.COM

Not all whales echolocate. Pictured: Beluga whale, a toothed whale that can echolocate. Baleen whales do not echolocate but they do use sounds including singing, moaning, and pulsing to communicate with each other. CRACKED.COM

Fancy, expensive perfumes sometimes come with a dose of whale poop. Ambergris - a substance formed in the digestive system of sperm whales when they ingest hard squid beaks-is a sought-after ingredient, costing more than silver and causing dealers to be all Mafia about it. The current trading price is around $10 to $30 per gram. CRACKED.COM

Whale tails are like fingerprints. No whale tail's the same. Scientists refer to it as their fluke IDs. CRACKED.COM

Grandpa Bowhead Bowhead whales-baleen whales that are found in the Arctic-can live up to 200 years. It's believed that the reason for their longevity has to do with genes that can repair damaged DNA. CRACKED.COM

Whale milk is the texture of toothpaste. A whale's milk is almost 50% fat {cow's milk is 4%), allowing it to travel through water without just scattering and dissolving because the mothers often shoot streams of milk into their baby's mouths. CRACKED.COM

Humpback whales have inspired better wind turbine technology. Humpbacks have little bumps on the edges of their flippers that help them maneuver and make tricky turns at high speeds to generate lift and catch their food. It's called the tubercle effect and it's been used in wind turbine technology to reduce drag and keep turbine blades from stalling. CRACKED.COM

Some whales catch their food using bubbles. Called bubble-net feeding, some whale species have been seen blowing deliberate bubbles with their noses to encircle and capture their food. CRACKED.COM

Many whale species, including orcas, mourn their dead. They exhibit strong social bonds and have been seen carrying their dead with them for days, sometimes weeks. CRACKED.COM

The blue whale is believed to be the largest animal that has ever lived (and it feeds on jelly bean-sized krill.. At a whopping 90 - 110 feet and a colossal 330, ООО pounds, the weight of a blue whale equals that of 24 elephants. CRACKED.COM

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