The 10 Most Influential Movies Every Bodybuilder Should Watch

Perfect Physique

Bodybuilding has evolved from being a hobby to being a sport, and perhaps a complete lifestyle for many. One can achieve a perfect dream body performing daily gym workouts, taking a specific diet and using steroids. This combination will hasten your development as a bodybuilder. Steroids play a more significant role as they act as anti-inflammatories, aiding in faster muscle and strength development, and also recovery from workouts. You can find steroids at – steroid online for your bodybuilding enhancement; they are also easy to administer. In the event you are out of the gym taking a rest, here is a list of films you should watch. The movies will entertain and educate you as they feature lives of bodybuilders.

Stand tall (1997)

This is a documentary on Lou Ferrigno and his journey to Mr. Olympia. It shows his life 19 years after retirement from being a competitive bodybuilder to pursue an acting career. He eventually lands the role of “The Incredible Hulk” in the favorite television show. Mr. Ferrigno later makes a return to bodybuilding after almost 20 years of absence. This documentary explains his path to Mr. Olympia after being out for a while.

Hustler of Muscle Beach (1980)

This movie is about a dedicated young man, who although mentally challenged, desires to win championships in bodybuilding. Notwithstanding his disabilities, the promoter believes that the young man will be able to achieve his dreams. The classy comedy film also features bodybuilding legends Franco Columbus and Frank Zane.

Stay hungry (1976)

The film is starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jeff Bridges. It scooped the Young Oak – an award for the best acting debut. A group of businessmen wants to rebuild a district after buying every house in it except a small gym. Mr. Joe Santo is preparing for the Mr. Universe championships in the gym. The group wants to use young man Craig to gain ownership to the gym, but instead, Craig foils their plans after he ends up to like the people in the gym.

Plumbing Iron (1977)

This movie features Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is believed to be the movie that put him in the acting and bodybuilding world. It showcases Arnold’s captivating traits and charisma in the process. It features magnificent training sequences and is undoubtedly the most intense head-to-head match for Mr. Olympia ever caught on film.

Generation Iron (2013)

This is undeniably one of the most notable recent bodybuilding movie since “Pumping Iron.” Phil Heath and Kai Green take the roles of modern-day Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The two against each other for the Mr. Olympia title.

The Perfect Physique (2015)

This film is a bodybuilding documentary which, for the first time, has exclusively taken a look at the professional physique competitors. Physique champions Sadik Hadzovic, Jeremy Buendia, and Greg Pitt appear in the movie in perfectly balanced proportions.

The Bodybuilder and I (2007)

Bill Friedman and his son Bryan Friedman are the stars in this movie. It is all about refuting the claims by most people that bodybuilding is a sport for the young man. Bill reunites with his son in attempts to recapture his senior bodybuilding title.

Pumping Iron II: The Women (1985)

The film is a sequel to the movie “Pumping Iron” which featured a mix of both professional and amateur bodybuilders. Although the movie didn’t hit the ground running as its predecessor, and it received lots of critiques, it helped to change the manner in which women are viewed in the bodybuilding sport.

My Magnificent Obsession (2015)

YouTube star CT Fletcher released this movie. It is centered on the opening of the Iron Addicts gym in Signal Hill, California. This is an entertaining film; one which you should watch.

The Comeback (1980)

The list is completed by another Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Being a six-times winner for Mr. Olympia, Mr. Schwarzenegger returns for the seventh attempt, making a surprise last-minute entry. Many believed he was training for Conan the Barbarian, which for sure he was, but he decided to give a shot for Mr. Olympia title as his body returned to shape.

The above ten movies make an excellent watching collection for any aspiring and professional bodybuilders.

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