10 Insane Things Actors Did to Get Into Character

We see movie stars walking lightly on the red carpet, living in luxurious apartments, travel around the world and living life in its fullest, just because they read some lines somebody else has written. So you got to be thinking : ” Boy, acting is an easy job.”  Well, It is not — to get into that memorable character they go through some insane things.


1.Checking into Psychiatric Ward

The example of team work and dedication to the role was mastered by the cast crew of Micheal Forman’s epic “One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest.”  In order to prepare for the role, the majority of the supporting cast checked themselves into real Psychiatric Ward.  Their experience in the Psychiatric institution was so intense, that helped them to perfectly portray a bunch of psychopaths. Some of them said that what you see in the film is not as much acting as it is being them affected by the experience.

Jungle Fever

2.Boycotting Personal Hygiene For One Month

Hale Berry is  now critically acclaimed actress and a synonym for beauty.  However, during one of her initial big breaks in 1991, Hale Berry revealed that she didn’t bath for one month in order to prepare for the role of  homeless crack addict in Jungle Fever.  Berry, willingly decided to boycott the shower, so she can get into her character. We bet that Berry was not the favorite to hang around among the cast, but however she did an awesome job portraying crack addict, Vivian.

Black Swan

3. Extreme Diet and Mastering in  Ballet Dance

Natalie Portman got pretty serious in preparing for her role for the troubled ballet dancer, Nina in Black Swan.   She spent more than a year practicing in a tutu dress, learning a difficult ballet techniques in order  to achieve flawless white swan dancing skills. Portman dedicated at least five hours to dance rehearsal, swimming and cross training, everyday, for almost one year prior to filming. She was also on a strict diet of 1,200 calories per day. However, her hard work and dedication, were totally worth it, as she got her first academy award for this role.


4. Every Role of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is definitely the king of going to extremes for staying into character. To more accurately portray his character’s war injuries in Birdy, Cage had two of his teeth removed. Because his character didn’t have the option, he refused to take any anesthetics for the procedure.During the filming of the movie “Leaving Las Vegas”, Cage had a routine of getting drunk and recording himself. He would then review the video footage to learn how to portray his drunken roles correctly.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

5.Forced Insomnia

By now, we are all used to Charlie Sheen looking wasted and like he haven’t sleep for days. However, before he became a millionaire bachelor who is either drunk or high, Sheen was ambitious, unknown comedy actor who had only one scene in the 80’s hit ‘ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Nevertheless, as dedicated and serious as he was, he stayed awake for 48 hours straight in order to prepare for this minor role and to fit in the character of sloppy, wasted “boy in police station.’

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