10 iPhone X Accessories You Need to See

While iPhones are great on their own, there are some fantastic accessories that can elevate your experience even more. Whether you’re looking for a case to protect your device, a power bank to keep it going for longer, or a way to capture better images, there’s an iPhone accessory for everyone. Let’s look at ten iPhone X accessories you need to check out.


10. Osmo Mobile 2

This handheld smartphone gimbal is a dream come true for your inner storyteller. It allows you to capture any of your favorite moments with beautiful cinematic movement. Plus, it’s so easy to use and features a lightweight design, making it comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

It comes with intelligent functions like ActiveTrack, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse, Slow-mo and Zoom Control, so all you have to do is start capturing your story. To top it off, the Osmo Mobile 2 comes with a long-lasting battery that can record for up to 15 hours while also charging your smartphone.


9. Freefly Movi

Freefly Movi

The Freely Movi is another cool tool that you can use to capture high-quality footage using just your iPhone. This smartphone cinema robot features a Freefly gimbal that records flawless footage using Hollywood technology. It’s portable, adaptable, and incredibly intuitive. In addition, the handle of Movi offers comfortable and user-friendly pro-level control, though you can also stand it upright for a hands-free experience.

Movi comes with a fully featured app that integrates seamlessly with your iPhone to create stunning captures. The app offers multiple recording options such as Movilapse, Majestic, Echo, Timelapse, and Orbit, all of which result in some seriously professional looking footage.

8. 360 Degree iPhone X Car Wireless Charger

This car charger is ideal for giving your iPhone extra life while on the move. Thanks to its wireless design, you won’t have to deal with additional cables in your car. To use the 360 Degree charger, just place your phone on it for the device to start charging. You can also attach it to the air vent to free up more space in your car.

You can even take it with you when you’re done driving to wirelessly charge your phone at work or home. In addition to the iPhone X, this versatile charger also works with other iPhone models including the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well as the Samsung S7 Edge, 8, and 8 Plus.

7. NOCABLE Portable Wireless Station

Another wireless charging station worth talking about is the NOCABLE. It features an 8000mAh capacity battery and quickly charges QI enabled devices, including the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Samsung 8. It also offers enough juice to charge your phone and other devices several times while on the go. Simply place your mobile device on the charging station and it will instantly initiate a charge.

NOCABLE also comes with two USB ports so you can charge other devices at the same time. By using a premium casing material, it’s lightweight, durable and convenient to take with you anywhere. It’s also safe to use since it won’t overheat or overcharge.

6. Satechi Smart Dual Charging Station

This handy charging station lets you charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. You can even use it to charge other Apple devices such as the Siri Remote and Apple Pencil. The Satechi Smart Dual Charging Station works with your standard charging cables and conceals them to keep things nice and tidy.

Its sleek design also makes it an excellent addition to most desks and bedside tables. It offers a total output of 15 watts, which quickly and safely charges your devices. It also comes in two styles, both of which complement Apple’s unique design.

5. Apollo Graphene Battery Power Bank

Apollo is an ultra-fast power bank that can charge your devices in just a few minutes. It features USB C PD technology and a graphene composite battery that supports up to charging at 60 watts. This means that a 6000mAh battery can reach full charge in around 20 minutes if you use the USB-C 60W Adapter. Apollo is also compatible with USB C power adapters and supports power delivery 3.0 protocol, so you don’t need to carry another adapter.

If you happen to have an older laptop or use a MagSafe adapter, then the Anywatt adapter will come in handy. Apollo also quickly charges the latest iPhones by supporting 40-watt USB C PD output. It can even charge your MacBook in an emergency situation. Plus, the graphene composite material provides less internal resistance and better conductivity, so it’s less hot and safer.

4. Caudabe Sheath iPhone X Case

This minimalist iPhone X case is more than meets the eye. Despite its thin appearance, this case comes with ShockLite, which efficiently absorbs shock. ShockLite is a flexible, gel-like polymer that is used throughout the entire case, keeping your phone safe from the occasional drop. In fact, this phone case has been drop tested from 2 meters high.

Even though it offers the ultimate protection, the Sheath Case is only 0.9 millimeters thick so your iPhone still feels and looks like it should. It also features a laser-etched, carbon fiber pattern that makes it look ultra sleek. It’s available in black, navy, and red.

3. Nodus Shell Case for iPhone X

With so many iPhone cases, it takes more than just a pretty cover to stand out. The Nodus Shell indeed does more by allowing you to dock it wherever you need. It does this through the use of magnets and it looks good while doing it thanks to its slim vegetable tanned Italian leather shell. It also comes with magnetic shielding that protects your iPhone from magnetic interference.

Additionally, it features a shock absorbing polycarbonate core, raised lip, and covered buttons to protect it from scratches and light bumps. Finally, its folded edges and soft microfiber lining are designed for extra durability.

2. EyeQ Fully Immersive Smartphone Binoculars

These smartphone binoculars let you experience any moment up close and capture it simultaneously.  With eyeQ binoculars, you can completely immerse yourself in any moment while recording and live streaming it at the same time. You can also easily share what you’re seeing on social media platforms or with friends. It also offers a 16x zoom that you can control using just your fingertip thanks to wireless touch control.

Aside from controlling your phone’s camera, the touchpad also uses image stabilization to ensure clear footage. All you have to do to start using eyeQ is slip your smartphone into the device. It also comes with an adjustable universal mount so you can use it with various smartphone brands and models. Its 12-hour battery life means it’ll probably last longer than your actual phone battery.

To top it off, eyeQ is water resistant, so you can confidently use it outdoors.

1. StopSpy Webcam Cover

If you’re looking for a way to ensure that no one can spy on you, look no further. The StopSpy Webcam Cover comes in various sizes to offer protection on all your devices, including mobile phones, tablets and more. It also happens to be incredibly easy to use and thin. In fact, it’s only 0.3 millimeters thick.

You can install it in just three seconds by removing the adhesive protective film and placing it on the screen. Then just press it down, so it’s firmly in place. To use StopSpy, just slide it open or closed depending on your camera activity. It also comes in several colors to best match your device.

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