10 Kick Ass Assassins in Movies

As I was watching The Professional the other day I realized that we hadn’t yet done an article on assassins we found awesome in movies.   That was somewhat surprising to me.

I think we may have done something on hitmen.  We certainly have written about villains and other characters like that.   Hell, we’ve certainly written about heroes.

But we haven’t hit on the exact topic of assassins.  So anyway, here are 10 that we love…..

Leon – The Professional

From start to finish Leon approaches everything with thorough thinking and complete dedication. He doesn’t make things up on the fly like and it wasn’t until Natalie came along that he finally gained a weakness.  The hardest, coolest, coldest killer around, Leon is definitely one of the best.

The Skull (The Sunglasses Guy) –  Scarface

His real name is never given and he has no on-screen dialogue. He is apparently nicknamed by his gaunt face and he always wears large, circular, dark sunglasses, giving his face the appearance of a skull which is his assassin trademark.

Miguel Bain –  Assassins

Easily one of the boldest and craziest assassins in movies, Bain is young, dumb, and really really cocky.  What separates him from the pack here is that he’s not at all afraid to die.

Ray Quick – The Specialist

Quick is an expert bomb maker.   No one ever knows when he leaves a trace.  And because of that, somehow, he’s found.

Robert Rath – Assassins

I can’t believe that Sylvester Stallone is on here twice but can you really argue?  Assassins is a highly underrated movie.

The Bride –  Kill Bill

She made slicing through 88 trained samurais look like cutting through butter and managed to make someone’s heart explode by finger-tapping their chest. The Bride is fuelled by bloody vengeance until she gets all weepy-eyed at the end, that is. Still, she remains Quentin Tarantino‘s best creation.

Maggie Hayward – Point of No Return

She may have started off as street trash but once recruited into an underground spy operation Maggie becomes a trained killer.  She just doesn’t know that she’s actually being trained to kill.

Mitch Leary – In The Line of Fire

Perhaps John Malkovich’s best role, Leary is a former CIA Assassin dead set on removing the President.  He’s a master of disguise and one hell of a crafty weapons maker.

Vincent – Collateral

One of Cruise’s best performances and his standout of the last decade, Vincent is an impulsive assassin, going with the flow or whatever.  He’ll chuck a fat Angelino out the window without batting an eyelid.

The Professor – The Bourne Identity

He doesn’t talk.  He doesn’t do much. He’s just really good at killing people.  Plus he’s Clive Owen.

Other cool ones include Chev Chelios in Crank, Michael Sullivan in Road To Perdition, Jeff Costello in Le Samourai, Lone Man in Limits of Control,  Julian Noble in The Matador,  Martin Blank in Grosse Point Blank.


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