10 A List Actors Fired or Replaced During a Film Production, Ouch!

A List Actors

Filming can be a tricky and very challenging thing, There’s a lot that can happen between the time an actor is cast in the film and the actual start of production. Ideas clash between the creative people and the talent can change their minds if they don’t like what they signed up for and it happens more then you think.

ScreenRant has released a video that lists 10 A list actors who were replaced during a film production. A few people on the list include Ryan Gosling for The Lovely Bones, Rebecca Gayheart for FireflySean Young for Batman, Lou Ferrigno for Gladiator and more.

A fan-favorite movie or TV character begins with perfect casting: but perfect isn’t always obvious from the start. Sometimes, directors or actors find out too late that a role or performance just isn’t going to cut it – leaving studios scrambling to find replacements. They may be hard to believe, but here are 10 Actors Who Got Fired or Replaced During Production.

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