10 Movie Easter Eggs You’ve Probably Never Noticed Before

Movie Easter Eggs

There is a lot of buzz around the popular movie Three Men and a Baby.

If you looked closely during one scene, there was a phantom kid in the background…and it creeped people out.

Apparently, it was a cardboard cutout, but the rumor got started that it was the ghost of a kid who had passed away in the apartment where the scene was filmed years earlier.

What other little details have people noticed in movies?

Here are 10 you might have missed.

In “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (2022) the IRS auditor (Jamie Lee Curtis) appears to be inspired by a stock photo of an actual IRS employee.
byu/TaxmanIRC inMovieDetails

In Coming to America (1988), Eddie Murphy emulates Elvis Presley when he walks off stage as “Randy Watson”. The video of Elvis is from his last concert.
byu/go_fer_it_Rock inMovieDetails

In Bio-Dome (1996), the school motto of the junior community college that Jen and Monique attend is “Nothing to be ashamed of.”
byu/VictorBlimpmuscle inMovieDetails

In Married to the Mob (1988), in the seedy, Roman-themed hotel room where Karen and Tony have a tryst, writing on the headboard reads, “Veni Veni Veni”, a play on Caesar’s triumphal quote “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” (“I came. I saw. I conquered.”) That means the headboard reads, “I came, I came, I came.”
byu/VictorBlimpmuscle inMovieDetails

In Austin Powers: Goldmember(2002), director Jay Roach makes a cameo appearance in the background during the opening scene juggling cats with sparks coming out of his ass.
byu/Chottomattewait inMovieDetails

my amazing fiance spotted this lewd little cut away gag in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(2004) at the beginning of chapter 13 on the DVD
byu/danx64 inMovieDetails

In “The Joker” (2019) Justin Theroux has a cameo as “Ethan Chase.” Ethan Chase is also the real name of Zach Galifianakis’ character in “Due Date.” Also a Todd Phillips movie.
byu/Ethantp inMovieDetails

In The Polar Express (2004), a protest sign says “Say yes to Lone Pine Mall construction”. A sneaky reference to Back to the Future (1985). Both movies were directed by Robert Zemeckis.
byu/Numerous-Lemon inMovieDetails

The same license plate can be seen in both jaws (1975) and in deep blue sea (1999)
byu/codymason84 inMovieDetails

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