10 Movie Effects That Were Brilliantly Fake


Special effects technology in movies these days is just getting better and better and now it is hard to say what is real and what is fake in the movies. Sometimes the VFX experts create something so good that audiences can’t even tell that what they are seeing is fake. Screen Rant released a new video titled “10 Movie Effects So Good, You Couldn’t Tell It Was Actually Fake”. Check out the video below.

Many movie fans have love/hate relationship with CGI. During its early days, the new technology was a fascinating way to introduce effects and create classic cinematic moments like the character of T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Then it seemed like movie got lazy with CGI use. Effects were poorly made, people were taken out of the story, and productions were not as impressive. In today’s world, it’s hard not to see a movie without the use of CGI. The best films are the ones that have the ability to make CGI look seamless. What we are seeing on screen may be fake, but it blends into the story so well that it’s believable.

There are ten incredible examples of this fantastic CGI use. It ranges from cinematic classics to some more modern hits featuring superheroes, tigers, monsters, and entries in the Star Wars universe. These movies contain some obvious cases of CGI, but the brilliant designs and creations come in areas where you don’t even realize CGI was used. Water effects, animals, whole cities, and space ships are just a few examples of CGI that was created. Watch to see these scenes come to life and learn how the impressive movie productions pulled these dazzling effects off.

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