10 Movie-Inspired Wall Decorating Ideas

Jaws Hunt Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art 

When decorating your walls to reflect your passion for Hollywood, you can’t go wrong with movie-inspired wall arts.

Fortunately, you have choices in terms of print style, framing, layout, and colors. For instance, you can choose from a single or multi-panel canvas, like a 3 piece wall art.

So let’s come directly to the point and check out your available options:


  1. Jaws Hunt Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art 

Give a thrilling and killer look to your wall if you love voyaging, adventure, and traveling. An eye-catching Jaws Hunt wall art will make you appreciate the immense size and power of sharks. It’s a piece that can’t go unnoticed!


  1. Pulp Fiction Tarantino Canvas Wall Art

Are you a huge fan of classic comics Pulp Fiction? A Pulp Fiction artwork is sure to revive the memories of the most popular scenes from the movie by Quentin Tarantino.

This piece of art will speak a lot for the fans of Uma Thurman, John Travolta, and Samuel Jackson.


  1. Go Iconic with I Want To Believe It Artwork 

Does the mystery of the universe excite you? Are you passionate about aliens and similar things?

Reflect your true interest through your home decor by having a wall art canvas print inspired by the famous alien-based movie – I Want To Believe.

It will add character to your room and is sure to grab everyone’s attention.


  1. Movie-Inspired Tapestries 

Delight your walls with something extraordinary by choosing fabric tapestries that feature movie-themed prints.

You have countless choices for tapestries, designed by independent artists and designers from all over the world.

The best part is once you are done with using the tapestry on your wall, you can drape them on your table, making it a multi-purpose decor item.


  1. Stay Inspired With A Rocky Win Wall Art

Want something that keeps you motivated to go on in your life? Learn from your favorite public figure, Rocky Win!

Get a Rocky Win wall art to express your interest, personality, and attitude towards your life. You can hang it in your bedroom, dorm, office, or anywhere blank walls are unwanted.


  1. Paint Your Walls Like Hollywood

Do you want to give a makeover to your kid’s room? If she loves Frozen, paint the scene behind her bed. Does he love Harry Potter? Then, take an idea from the Harry Potter series to paint the walls in the background of his headboard.

 It’s not just about kids; in fact, you could also take inspirations from romantic, nature-inspired, adventure-packed movies for your bedroom, dining room, living room, etc.


  1. Add Mystery With Three-Eyed Crow Wall Art

Are you a bird lover? Then, you can’t go wrong with the three-eyed crow wall art.

This lovely and bold art print will add a touch of mystery to your space. It will complement your existing home decor without making it look or feel overwhelming.


  1. Movie In The Making Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Choose a high-quality wall art inspired by Movie In The Making. This piece of art prompts a positive and professional environment in your workspace.

It helps you stay motivated to work with dedication and achieve your goals.


  1. Set The Tone With Fear And Loathing Artwork 

Bring your love for Fear Loathing in Las Vegas with high-quality artwork. It will not only reflect your love for the movie but will also add a unique texture, colors, and depth to your space.


  1. The Matrix Code Inspired Wall Art 

Dive into the Matrix with the code or your favorite characters. It will lend a sharp and clean look to your room.

Printed on a stunning canvas, this wall art will add a wonderful indie touch to your room in which you hang it.

Have you got some more ideas in your mind? Let us in the comments below.


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