10 Movies Which Correctly Predicted The Future

Back to the Future

ScreenRant has released a new video which reminds us of ten movies which accurately predicted the future! films included in the list include The Cable Guy, The Truman Show, Minority Report, Back to the Future Part II, Blade Runner, Airplane II: The Sequel, and more.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to know the future? To know what comes next? Sure, it would take all the surprises out of life but think of all the failures and misery you could potentially avoid. Most of us wish we could have made different decisions, but what’s happened has happened. This is where the following list of films come in. You can say these movies were somehow prophetic and accurately predicted some future events including online gaming, face transplants and reality TV. Of course, you could argue these “prophecies” would happen anyway due to natural selection and you would probably be correct. Nonetheless, check out these 10 movies that correctly predicted the future.

What you think about the video and the prediction that movies made?

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