10 Movies To Watch Before You Watch STRANGER THINGS – Easter Eggs & References

80s movies

Stranger Things 3 is now streaming on Netflix and if you like the show and are a binge-watcher like then you must be binged all eight episodes of the season 3 of the show and I’m sure you must be already craving more adventures from Hawkins, Indiana.

Since we have to wait for a while before we’ll get a season 4, Here I have 10 movies that you can watch that will not only scratch that 1980s sci-fi horror itch, but might actually help you properly get some of the show’s easter eggs of the show and inner workings.

These 10 films are referenced, have related themes, aesthetics and stories as the famous series and if you didn’t grow up in the 80s or are not familiar with these movies, by watching them you might actually end up getting more out of Stranger Things when you rewatch the show.

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