10 Movies Which Are Responsible For Weird Cinematic Milestones


Not all movie milestones are of the “technique variety” – some movies set other milestones that aren’t related to the likes of “it was the first movie to feature sound!” or “it was the first full-length animated feature,” but more along the lines of “it was the first movie to feature a fart joke!” And though that might not seem at all worthy of the advancements made by The Jazz Singer or Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, a fart joke is still progressive in its own special way – after all, one by one, even the most unlikely of milestones break down the cinematic boundaries.

Check out these 13 movies you might not have known were responsible for putting setting weird cinematic milestones – milestones that include flushing toilets, swear words, the sunshine, naff websites, CGI fur and, uh, more toilets…

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