10 Must-See Wall Street Movies

Movies are great for entertainment and for learning about various aspects of the society. You can find movies in the market covering virtually any topic you can think about. If you are a forex enthusiast, there is no doubt that some movies about the financial market might excite you. There are countless movies about the Wall Street that you can find today. Here are some of the greatest Wall Street titles.

1. Boiler Room (2000)

This movie has one of the best portrayals of the brokerage aspect of stock trading. The movie stars Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi. It is an exciting work of art which shows the struggles and triumphs of 20-somethings who are venturing into the world of business. The film captures the sales and marketing industry perfectly.

2. The Pit (2010)

The Pit follows the story of veteran traders who are coming to terms with their exit in the market. The story also highlights the realities of the New York Board of Trade and decisions that change the business world. The movie is a great depiction of possible consequences that come as a result of changes in the business rules.

3. Trader (1987)

Trader is probably one of the best documentary movies made about the daily market intrigues as seen by an active investor. The movie stars Paul Tudor Jones as he shows his shrewdness in using historical data to forecast market events. The movie is an exceptional work of art that can be referenced and used in any modern market setup.

4. Trading Places (1983)

Trading places is not only a great depiction of daily wall street events but it also has a great comic side to it. This makes the film excellent in portraying the harsh realities of the trading business. It can especially be great for forex traders (also known as patikimas brokeris in Europe) who want to learn about their relationship with forex brokers. It stars Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd.

5. Too Big To Fail (2011)

The economic crisis of the previous decade is aptly captured in this film which stars Paul Giamatti. The story follows the implosion of a company during the 2008 financial crisis and the challenges that come with the tumbling market. It is based on an Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book of the same name.

6. Cosmopolis (2012)

Cosmopolis is a story about success, fame, eventual failure and the complications that come with it. The movie stars Robert Pattinson as billionaire Eric Parker. Eric Parkers’ ostentatious lifestyle is grandly shown and so does his tribulations after a market speculation goes wrong.

7. Arbitrage (2012)

Arbitrage shows the shady side of the business. The story is about Robert Miller, a hedge-fund manager who has committed fraud and is desperately looking for ways to cover up his crimes before anyone finds out. As he tries to sell his business, Miller attracts the attention of a close associate who is interested in uncovering the offenses.

 Margin Call

8. Margin Call (2011)

Margin Call stars Kevin Spacey and shows the extent that investment partners would take to prevent damage to the business. The movie revolves around investment banking and touches on various business topics including risk management and damage control.

Rogue Trader (1999)

9. Rogue Trader (1999)

Rogue Trader is a movie based on the life of Nick Leeson who was a bank trader. The movie shows the risks of being overzealous in the financial markets. Nick Leeson, who is portrayed by Ewan McGregor decides to take huge risks after he is posted to lead his company’s operations in Asia. Even though the movie is based on a British story, it does a great job of depicting real-life aspects of business in any part of the world.

Wall Street

10. Wall Street (1987)

Wall Street shows the 1980’s stock market scene. It follows the experiences of Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), who is led by nothing but utter ambition. Fox does his best to get to the apex of his career and eventually gets carried away by his raw ambition. His poor decisions cause great damage to both his business and personal life.

Movies are some of the best resources you can use as a trader to both learn and enjoy your free time. The above titles are some of the best you can find if you are looking for films that portray the real-life aspects of the market in all its complexity.

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