10 Mysterious Discoveries That Even Scientists Can’t Explain


Many discoveries can be easily explained, while other discoveries continue a total mystery. There are some things that simply have no reason for why they exist at all. And we’re not sure why our own brain kills its own cells, but one thing is certain, you will walk away from this thinking the universe is even grander than you thought.

10. Lizard Fish – In the depths of the ocean’s abyss lurks the world’s deepest living superpredator, the Lizard Fish. It resembles something from a horror creature film. It’s given its name Bathysaurus ferox, which means “fierce deep-sea lizard” from its lizard-shaped head, which is mostly mouth filled with hinged teeth.

9. Secret subatomic event – A pair of physicists demonstrated that two tiny particles called bottom quarks could fuse together in a powerful flash. The resulting quarksplosion would be more powerful than individual nuclear fusion reactions such as those in the cores of hydrogen bombs.

8. Killing neurons – A new study has shown that as we learn, a burst of new cells is created to help the brain deal with the new information. When this happens, the brain decides which of the new cells work the best while getting rid of the extras that it doesn’t need a survival-of-the-fittest contest.

7. Fierce female Viking – A high-status Viking warrior’s bones were found inside a grave and most believed it to be the burial site of a great male Viking warrior. You would think this since, throughout history, most great warriors were male.

6. The elongated skulls of Paracas in Peru – Paracas is a desert peninsula located on the south coast of Peru. In 1928 a massive and elaborate graveyard was found here that had tombs filled with the remains of individuals who had the largest elongated skulls ever found.

5. A huge stone sphere discovered in mid-March 2016 in Bosnia – Many prehistoric stone balls have been discovered in Europe. But none as big as the ball uncovered in Bosnia.

4. Two-headed flatworm – Researchers have sent a lot of animals to space and have been doing this for decades. But something unexpected happened when a flatworm that was sent to space came back with two heads.

3. Huge jelly blobs spotted off Norway coast – Mysterious jelly blobs suddenly appeared off of the coast of Norway and nobody has been able to identify what they are. Some experienced divers have reported seeing mysterious 1-meter, or 3.3 feet wide diameter jelly-like blobs. Could they be eggs? Aliens?

2. The Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica – These giant stone balls that were found in Costa Rica are considered a great unsolved archeological mystery.

1. Dark matter – To pinpoint exactly what dark matter is will leave you with more questions that are unknown that what is known about the subject. But now it is thought that dark matter is ordinary neutrons that have decayed.

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