10 Of The Biggest Celebrities Who Vape

Celebrities Who Vape

You’ll have heard that vaping has seen a surge in popularity lately, which may make you curious about it. No doubt you’ve seen the ubiquitous Juul merchandising, but if none of your friends or family indulge, then you may wonder if it really is such a big trend after all? Let this list of celebrities who vape dispel any disbelief in this growing trend. These celebrities prove that vaping is still the trendiest indulgence in Hollywood right now.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s heavyweights. He has starred in countless acclaimed films, and he has been to countless award shows and industry parties. Do you know what he likes to do at such gatherings? Vape! DiCaprio has been caught on camera multiple times using a vape mod on these occasions. One of the most recent examples was the Screen Actor Guild awards show in 2016.

Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson has won us over as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in recent years, but Fury is just the latest in a long list of famous characters in his repertoire. In real life, Jackson is as brash and outspoken as many of his characters. That includes his feelings about vaping. Jackson is a vaping fanatic, and he often posts about his vaping antics on his Twitter account.

Image result for Snoop Dogg vaping

Snoop Dogg

As a musician, Snoop Dogg has been constantly devoted to reinventing himself. Over time, he has had several spiritual awakenings. Part of that evolution has been his love of different indulgences. He has made no secret of his affection for gin and juice, but did you know he is also a vaping fan? He has been photographed with an e-cigarette more than once. He even sells his own branded vaporizer. Now, you can be confident that you are vaping with the best.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones

It is not just the men who have turned to vape in recent years. Zeta-Jones has always had a smoking habit, but that changed when her husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. As Michael Douglas overcame his cancer, Zeta-Jones gave up cigarettes. Her alternative indulgence is vaping.

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Christina Milian

Milian makes passionate music that resonates with listeners. However, her music is not her only passion. Milian is also passionate about vaping. In fact, vaping is a frequent topic on her Instagram page. She will often post pictures of how vaping fits into her celebrity lifestyle. Check it out for yourself to learn more about Milian’s passion!

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Kylie Jenner

Jenner is part of the infamous Kardashian brood, but she has worked hard to carve out an identity for herself as a celebrity. As she tries to build her own personal brand, Jenner is keenly aware of her choices on social media. Maybe that is why she posted and deleted several videos of herself on Snapchat vaping. It is clear that she enjoys vaping as a pastime, but it is possible that she is not quite ready to let that define her image for now.

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Johnny Depp

Depp has had some troubles with publicity in recent years, but it should not be forgotten that he has always embraced alternative lifestyle choices. In fact, Depp was one of the first popular actors to really make a show of vaping. He has been vaping privately for years, and he took vaping to the big screen in 2010. “The Tourist” features a scene where Depp’s character is riding on a train. What is he doing? He is vaping of course!

Isla Fisher vaping

Isla Fisher

Another celebrity to take vaping mainstream is Fisher. Fisher was shown smoking an e-cigarette in her hit movie “Now You See Me.” That was not purely for the big screen. Fisher has also been photographed vaping on her own. Clearly, Fisher is not afraid to show just how much she has enjoyed the vaping lifestyle.

Jack Nicholson vaping

Jack Nicholson

Vaping is not just a pastime for younger people. If you do not believe that, then just consider Nicholson. This Hollywood great has made no secret of his vaping pleasure. He has been spotted vaping at numerous public appearances like sporting events. He has even shown up to various signings while vaping.

Katherine Heigel vaping

Katherine Heigel

Heigel has come a long way from her days on “Grey’s Anatomy.” As an actress, she has come into her own. She has also come into her own personality. Heigel has embraced her life choices, and that includes vaping. In fact, Heigel has no qualms with publicly vaping. She even took a few puffs while appearing on “The Tonight Show with David Letterman.”

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