10 People Asked For Help to Identify Mysterious Objects

 Mysterious Objects

Do you ever see anything and think to yourself…” what the heck am I looking at here?”

Well, these folks did and they shared pics of mystery objects online to see if they could get some help.

Be sure to click on the posts so you can see if folks on Reddit helped figure out what these objects are.


1. What could they be?

Found these soft metal objects while metal detecting under a pier at low tide. from whatisthisthing


2. Wind nets?

Posts with nets on top on side of street in the Netherlands from whatisthisthing


3. Never seen this before…

Variable stop sign in Illinois from whatisthisthing


4. Looks comfy.

Full tub with deep front half. USA. Listing calls it a mailman tub. Google results in Rule 34. from whatisthisthing


5. Found while hiking.

Blue nets tied between the trees. Found while hiking in the Cinque Terre National Park in Italy from whatisthisthing


6. Weighed down by bricks.

Just bought a lake home and found three of these in the water next to the pier. Criss-Cross stack of corrugated pipes wrapped in plastic netting all weight down by bricks. from whatisthisthing


7. What was it used for?

Part of silverware set. It has a corkscrew tip, but it is not sturdy enough to be used as s corkscrew. Thoughts for its purpose? from whatisthisthing


8. Could be magic…

Weird glass ball, suspended by screws, in a metal frame, bronze or gold colour in appearance. from whatisthisthing


9. Care to take a dip?

What is this pool in the middle of nowhere. from whatisthisthing


10. Don’t eat it!

Any ideas what someone left at my house party? Small green ridged brick, hole in the middle, crumbles when I scratch it. from whatisthisthing

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