10 People Who Turned Their Wheelchairs into Stunning Cosplays

Cosplay is becoming more advanced each year. Intricate costumes showing off the pride and fandom of a favorite show, movie, or character is all part of the fun and fanfare of comic cons. Many are getting extremely creative with their displays and incorporating cool props, artistic makeup, and amazing gadgets. Those in wheelchairs have emerged as some of the most creative of all. Cosplay is a hobby for everyone, and these 10 People have really changed the game.


Star Wars

Perhaps the most popular of all cosplay choices is Star Wars. The world created by George Lucas has continued today and is vast and expensive. The wealth and depth of characters provide so many options for cosplayers. Those in wheelchairs are using original designs to build their costumes. This wheelchair has been transformed into Darth Vader’s TIE fighter for an awesome look straight from 1970.

Doctor Who


There are quite a few ways to show your fandom for Doctor Who and the Tardis Box is a truly ionic way to use a wheelchair to its fullest. The sharp-dressed Doctor enters the Tardis and transports himself through time and space. Always popular at conventions, this costume separates from the others.

How to Train Your Dragon

Take control of your very own dragon with this How to Train Your Dragon cosplay. The wheelchair transforms into the titular dragon while the rider cosplays as Hiccup, the dragon trainer. Children get a kick out of this visionary costume. Toothless flies again!

Alice in Wonderland

The Mad Hatter’s tea party provides a perfect backdrop for this cosplay. Great for adults and children alike, this costume takes full advantage of the wheelchair. A platform in front of the cosplayer displays the wild tea party and crazy imagery from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Dressing as the Mad Hatter himself is a perfect way to tie the costume together.

Game of Thrones

Sitting on the Iron Throne, this Tyrion Lannister cosplay wows. Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon, with no shortage of cosplay ideas. Incorporating the wheelchair gives an added dimension that other costumes can’t match. Legs hide behind the base of the throne to make it appear as if the smaller Lannister were adorning the throne,

Mario Kart

You’ll be saying, “It’s-a me! Mario!” when you display this Mario Kart cosplay. Mario is the most well-known video game character of all time. Instantly recognizable, Mario zooms around in this ingenious vehicle from the game Mario Kart. The costume is so detailed, it even includes turbo flames spraying from the back.


Who wouldn’t want to drive the Batmobile? Children love to get into the cosplay world and a great entry is Batman. The iconic vehicle takes shape and puts the masked hero where he belongs. Batman enters the room in style while riding the Batmobile around the convention floor.


The light cycle returns with this Tron cosplay. Taking advantage of the wheels is key to this cosplay that uses LED lighting in innovative ways. Adding in the Tron suit draws attention to the lights which only help to sell this exciting cosplay. Best of all, the wheelchair doesn’t get too bulky with props so it’s easy to get in and out of wheelchair-accessible vans or buses when coming to conventions.


The lovable robot finds a home on the cosplay circuit with this creative display. Perfect for kids that want to get into the cosplay spirit, Wall-E provides a great vehicle. The expressive face of the title character rises above his body which covers the wheels.


Always popular at conventions, steampunk cosplay brings sci-fi steam-powered technology to Victorian-era fashion. The writings of Jules Verne and William Gibson were the initial inspiration for these costumes, but they have taken on a life of their own thanks to the cosplay world rapidly expanding. The movie Wild, Wild West may not be a classic but the character of Dr. Loveless has proven to be quite the inspiration.

Cosplay is a growing industry and innovation will continue to build as technology becomes more affordable and accessible. Soon, even wheelchair-accessible vans will be decorated more and more to match the costumes of those held within. It’s a great time to be a cosplayer that’s all-inclusive.

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