10 Psychological Horror Movies That Will Mess Up Your Head

We love a good psychological movie. There’s nothing like being terrified and made to really think hard about what you’re watching–and there are lots of good ones out there that gain critical acclaim, cult appreciation, and at times both. But for every wonderful psychological horror movie released on the big or small, there seems to be an even amount that is just–well. But for some just saying they’re ” very bad” isn’t enough or simply cut it.

From completely unnecessary sequels and reboots that completely miss the point of their excellent predecessors to horror movies that conflate great horror villain origin stories with real-world mental disorders, bad psychological horror movies often disappoint on more than one level and leave you hoping you’d saved yourself the time and read the IMDB plot summary instead.

Still, at times it’s great to come at these situations as well prepared as possible–so we’ve made a list of 10 psychological horror movies you’ll probably want to bypass.


Brahams: The Boy II


Goodnight Mommy

Jacob's Ladder


12. The Tall Man

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