10 ‘Ready Player One’ TV, Movies, Gaming Easter Eggs Revealed In New Trailer

Ready Player One

Steve Spielberg’s first trailer for virtual reality Ready Player One has just released and the response is awesome!

If you aren’t familiar with the book the film is based on, they might wonder why there are so many pop culture easter eggs in it. Well, that’s because, in the book and the film, the next generation of VR users are obsessed with old games and films — It will take them to the clues and finally to the bigger game.

1. Akira

The iconic red motorcycle from Akira, with the familiar Atari logo on the front wheel shaft, is a dead giveaway. A live action version of the anime classic has been in development at Warner Bros., so it’s perfect branding to give us a look at the bike in this unrelated Warner Bros. film.

2. Nightmare on Elm Street

One of the easiest references to pick out in the trailer is the demonic dream monster Freddie Krueger getting sliced in half.

3. Duke Nukem

On the same battlefield, we see the main video game character Duke Nukem with his familiar buzz cut and jacked arms wielding a rocket launcher. Look for him in the background of the Freddy shot, situated directly between Mr. Krueger and whoever it is he’s fighting.

4. Joust

In another part of the battlefield scene, we see one of the birds from the classic arcade game Joust, which gives itself away when it drops an egg in mid stride.

5. DC Comics

And, because Warner Bros. can and should pack all the cool Easter Eggs they own into the trailer, we also see what looks like Harley Quinn and Deathstroke walking hand in hand. Look for them early in the trailer, as they’re walking past the main character on their way out of that sci-fi-looking bar.

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