10 Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

If only there were inventive, effective solutions for everything; if only. True, there are attempts to revolutionize the way people live, but nothing is as pitiful as some of the “As Seen on TV” products on infomercials everywhere.

Here’s the top 10, saddest products you’ll see, marketed on the TV screen:

1. Bug Wand ($17.85)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

Now you can feel like a Jedi as you go around the house, vacuuming for bugs. That’s right: defend your honor— or just the house of unwanted ants, flies, bees, spiders; you name it. The Bug Wand sucks these unwanted guys right up. It’s a go all-in kind of contraption that caters to the inner child in all of us.
So, next time there is a fly, you could practice your best Darth Vader voice and go in with no mercy.

2. Perfect Polly ($14.99)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

Perfect Polly is the perfect robotic pet companion for anyone. So, what makes it so grand? Apparently, its little motion sensors and “realistic” movements and whistling makes it so “life-like.”
Now you can bypass all of the expensive upkeep of needing a cage, food, etc. and form a bond with a chunk of motorized plastic. It’s a dream come true— no really. Really? This Polly won’t want a cracker.

3. Tiddy Bear ($9.95)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

Everyone wants a more comfortable seat belt. The perfect solution to this universal problem undoubtedly is a stuffed animal—the “Tiddy Bear.” It’s designed to make driving more comfortable and much more embarrassing than need be.
Just place the Tiddy Bear onto the shoulder strap of your seat belt and get ready for one aesthetically unappealing drive. Who wouldn’t want one?

4. Ear Lift Medical Ear Support As Seen on TV ($12.95)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

Ear piercing holes can get stretchy with age, or by extra heavy earrings. But thanks to Ear Lift, that extra sag can go away with some tape. Yes, tape your ears and watch the sagging magically lift away. You’ll wonder why you never wore tape on your ears ever before.

5. “The Happy Hot Dog Man” Hot Dog Cutter ($9.97)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

Traditionally, kids are taught to not play with their foods; but for others, the complete opposite is true. Now, thanks to The Happy Hot Dog Man, an everyday hot dog can be transformed into “an entertaining meal for the entire family.”
When a hotdog and a bun just aren’t enough, playing with an edible human cut-out is a dream come true. Cannibals and children alike will certainly see the appeal.

6. Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers ($11.98)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

There’s glass slippers and then this pair— the ones not worn to the ball.
When you blend a mop with a pair of slippers, you get the Slipper Genie microfiber cleaning slippers. Now the floor can be cleaned right as you walk.
Side note: you should probably scrape your first layer of skin off when you clean your feet— you know, to fully get rid of the stuff you so easily mopped up.

7. Pops-a-Dent ($10.00)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

So this is the trick of auto body repair centers worldwide! Not even close, but the Pops A Dent claims to be its own ding and dent repair kit.
To make the dent worse or make the dent super worse—that is the question with the Pops A Dent. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and it won’t do a thing.

8. GoGo Pillow ($19.95)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

The GoGo Pillow is the adult version of the Pillow Pet. It’s a multi-function pillow that supports any sized tablet. Forget about custom tablet cases, when you can have a tablet pillow. Just make sure you don’t snuggle up to the pillow while the tablet is inside; it won’t be that comfortable.

9. Ear Wax Cleaner ($9.99)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

Suck your ear wax right on out with the Ear Wax Cleaner. The powerful suction device removes embedded wax without any damage; at least, hopefully not. Doesn’t everyone dream of having a mini vacuum inside their ear canal? A vacuum and an ear should not belong in the same context.
Provide a medical report, and maybe…just maybe it could be alright.

10. Gray Away Root Concealer ($13.95)

Ridiculous “As Seen on TV” Products

Be careful to not to confuse the Gray Away Root Concealer with an everyday can of spray paint. The difference: Gray Away is meant for hair.
Now you can forget about specialized visits to the hair salon and trade your gray roots with colors in a can. A couple of quick sprays and you know your hair will be picture perfect— and not at all cheap or odd-looking.
A petition needs to be created to use coloring sprays only on inanimate objects.
Maybe some “As Seen On TV” products can come in handy, but more often than naught, the commercials provide a quick chuckle; while the products just drain peoples’ wallets.

Author Bio: Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for DISH network packages and iPhone Spy Software. She has an English degree and political science minor from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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