10 Superheroes Whose Powers Would Suck to Have in Real Life


How cool it would be to have superpowers? Well, not all of the superpowers are fun to have, some of them would suck to have in real life. Check out this cool video below which is pointing out all the powers which you will really regret having.

Growing up, pretty much all of us wanted to be superheroes at some point. Whether we yearned for the strength of the Hulk, the speed of Quicksilver, the healing powers of Wolverine, or something else entirely, the idea of using crazy abilities to fight evil and earn the adulation and adoration of the masses is something that has almost undoubtedly appealed to everybody.However, some superpowers really wouldn’t be as great as they’re depicted as being in comic books, in the ovies and on television. In fact, some would undoubtedly be more of a burden than a blessing. With that in mind, here are 10 superheroes whose powers would suck in real life.

Source: ScreenRant

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