10 Surprisingly Short Female Celebrities

10 Surprisingly Short Female Celebrities

Camera and the life behind it, is known to be pretty deceptive but not many people know of this fact. There are tons of people around the globe that believe whatever they see on screen. This is why when they get a chance to actually come closer to their favorite celebrities they tend to get mild to severe shock when they realize what the reality of those stars is.

Superstars, actors, actresses, music artists and everyone else are normal people just like us. Just because they have been processed a lot before appearing on screen does not mean they do not have a life beyond it. You might have heard, ‘Camera increases ten pounds’, and this is absolutely right. There is no doubt about it that camera actually changes the overall appearances of individuals to some extent and to the other extent directors and cinematographers add in visual effects to change the nature of the scenario, including the artists.


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For women and men both who have been praising artists on screen and have also had the chance to interact with celebrities without makeup might know that there are many celebrities who are way shorter in reality than they appear on screen in TV series or movies.

Here is a list of 10 of those shocking female celebrities that are shorter than what you expected:

Megan Fox

  1. Megan Fox:

The slender beauty that was also a part of the first part of Transformers is one of the few women who are shorter than what they appear on screen. Megan appears extremely hot and sexy in her movies, wooing not only men but also women into the trap of calling them to the theatres but this is actually not exactly how she exists, in reality. Megan Fox height is in fact 5’4’’ tall in real, which is about 3-4 inches shorter than what average people rated her height would be.

Scarlett Johansson

  1. Scarlett Johansson:

Lucy, the girl with the amazing brain who was known to have the power to control everything and anything on Earth basically couldn’t control her viewer’s minds that keep on thinking way too much of her. Just like Megan, Scarlett with her chic styling and mesmerizing red carpet appearances never really made it obvious how short she actually is. People have been pretty deceived in her case. The Black Widow shows a whole new perspective of her when seen in real. Scarlett Johansson‘s height is mere 5’4’’ tall and stands shorter than many female and male celebrities of Hollywood.

Mary-Kate Olsen

  1. Mary-Kate Olsen

The cute girl that everyone adorned in Full House is not only cute but short as well. Mary-Kate Olsen has an identical twin sister and by identical we mean in every single aspect of their lives. They try really hard to create a difference in their physical appearances but there’s just something (apart from their identical facial features) that really sticks them together. These cute girls just like having a tiny childhood did not tend to grow much even as adults. Mary- Kate Olsen in reality stands at just 4’11’’ tall.

Mila Kunis

  1. Mila Kunis:

Russian born American actress Mila Kunis that won the hearts of millions with her deadly and mesmerizing appearances, is also an unsung hero of this list. We have recently seen her blow our minds as a Queen to be of an extraterrestrial planet along with Channing Tatum in her movie Jupiter Ascending. From Friends with Benefits to Ted the Bear she has been mesmerizing with those deep charismatic eyes and her brilliant way of delivering her words around screen. This hot lady stands her hotness at a height of 5’3’’ tall.


  1. Ariana Grande:

This cute one starting her career from Theatre and finding her Big Break through Nickelodeon will probably be one of the few stars that are not as different on screen as their real appearance. Ariana is quite a baby face and she will go on to cheat about her age as long as she wants to. Truth is nobody can look old with that kind of a petite body and innocent features. On top of that she stands at just 4’11’’ tall making her look more like a high school girl than an adult.

Natalie Portman

  1. Natalie Portman:

She is no doubt one of those innocent yet beautiful actresses that never fail to impress. Her movie Black Swan though a tough call to grab actually brought out the intensity she holds within as an artist. The movie ended up getting her an Academy Award for her astonishing performance. She was brilliant in V For Vendetta and her role in the movie tackles some tough issues and is sure to arouse controversy with its terrorism theme. V For Vendetta marks the first time Natalie will carry a big-budget film as the lead. This beauty stands tall at 5’3’’.

Avril Lavigne

  1. Avril Lavigne:

Avril still at the age of 30 fails to impress us with her teenage looks. Though, she has moved a little forward with the rock attire but still we can witness the rock living inside her, through her eyes. The Canadian-French singer and songwriter has given us so many hit songs that bring back so much even when you listen to them with so many years passed by. Just like Ariana, Avril too is blessed with an innocent face that works very well to hide what is underneath and with her stature standing at 5’1’’ we are sure to be deceived by this hot chic for many more years ahead.

Vanessa Hudgens

  1. Vanessa Hudgens:

The envy of a lot of girls when she made it to become a star through her brilliant performances in the High School Musical Series, Vanessa has so much more to grow in the industry. She can classify herself as an actress who can not only perform well in teen inspiring movies but her talent can also be utilized in some serious business. Apart from her work in Disney series and the Musical we haven’t had the chance to witness something astounding from this amazing actress. Vanessa impresses the public despite being just 5’1’’ tall.

Christina Aguilera

  1. Christina Aguilera:

Yes we know she is no doubt the ‘Genie in the Bottle’ but the truth is at just 5’2’’ she can make it perfectly inside an actual bottle (joke intended). The lady love being a Genie and as wild as her music video Dirty shows her fans the sexy side of her and now we see her as a Judge, getting impressed by all those who come to become as big a star as she is now.


  1. Shakira:

The final call is no doubt a shocker for most of us because we never knew ‘Whenever, Wherever’ can be this small of a package, in reality. Shakira might have deceived us all including me with her smart heels and overall hotness because this turned out to be a shock when I noticed that the hotness and the charisma of this woman stands pretty short (5’1’’ tall)  in real. But does that affect her overall work? Not even a bit!

As fans we are not really aware about the real life attributes associated with the stars and neither are most of us bothered about it. As long as we get to see their brilliance through their work we are on the high road to love them for whoever they are, no matter how tall, short, slim or fat they tend to be, in reality. It’s the work and the love they send out towards their fans is what matters, in the end.

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  1. Umm ariana grande is definitley away taller than 4’11 she towers over kristina chenoworth who is only 4’11. You can tell by her proportions that shes atleast 5’3

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