10 Things You Don’t Know About The Grand Tour Premiere

 The Grand Tour

Pole Position

Opening in suitable style, the first three cars seen in “The Grand Tour” are the Galpin Fisker Ford Mustang Rocket, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, and Roush Stage 3 Mustang.

The Holy Trinity

The very first thing ever filmed for “The Grand Tour” was host Jeremy Clarkson introducing the “Holy Trinity” of motors: the McLaren P1; Porsche 918 Spyder (Weissach pack); and Ferrari LaFerrari.

You’re fired

The show’s introduction lists jobs from which the hosts have been fired. According to the hosts themselves, the lists are not strictly accurate.

Co-host James May was also fired by Country Life magazine, the “Driven” television show, and the British civil service.

Co-host Richard Hammond was also fired from Radio Cumbria, Radio Cleveland, and Festival FM.

According to the production, Jeremy Clarkson‘s intro is completely accurate.

Daily drives

Despite driving some of the most expensive and fastest cars on the planet, the three hosts have chosen fairly modest motors for their own everyday use.

Jeremy Clarkson drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI and Richard Hammond owns a Porsche 911 GT3 RS while James May gets behind the wheel of a BMW i3.

The Tent

One of the distinctive elements of “The Grand Tour” is the traveling tent-style studio, from which the three hosts present. The original inspiration was proposed by Jeremy Clarkson after he’d seen an episode of “True Detective” where a church sermon was held in an outdoor tent. Clarkson is very fond of the fake green parrot found inside the tent which is why you almost always see it positioned behind him during filming.

Gentleman travellers

Much of the furniture inside the studio tent from which the three hosts present the show has been ‘aged’ by the designers to look more in keeping with the gentleman traveller theme.

During the tent shoot in California, the desert winds were so strong the tent had to be lashed down with extra ropes to stop it blowing away during filming. Even so, shooting had to be scheduled around the weather forecast because in high wind the sound of the tent flapping makes it too loud to film.

The American

Former NASCAR racer Mike Skinner appears in the first episode of “The Grand Tour“, in which he is labelled The American. Skinner’s breakthrough races including him winning the 1995 SuperTruck series and the 1997 Winston Cup Series rookie of the year.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson was born in 1960 in the Yorkshire town of Doncaster in the North of England, an area renowned for its loud shouting and rampant exaggeration. He went to Repton school but didn’t really pay attention and then got a job with a local newspaper where he was famed for stories such as ‘Literally 50 billion people visit cake sale’. Probably. A chance meeting with a BBC producer saw him cast in the hit show “Top Gear” and the rest is history. Except for jet packs, which are the future.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond was born in 1969 in the British town of Solihull, which is near to Birmingham although it tries to pretend that it isn’t. He started his career in local radio before getting a break on a cable TV car show where he was able to hone his presenting skills, safe in the knowledge that no one was watching. In 2002, he was given his big break on “Top Gear” and has never looked back, except when pulling out into traffic. He lives almost in Wales and is known as the Hamster, though only by people he has never met.

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