10 Unforgettable Movies of Recent Times

Here are 10 unforgettable films which stand the test of time and they are still in front of the race. These super flicks will completely shift your perspective. Not only are they exciting to watch, but you might also begin to believe the conspiracy theories are true.


Fight Club

One day, a regular person that belongs to a huge system of consumerism meets Tyler Durden, a soap salesman. Ever since that fateful encounter took place, the life of an ordinary clerk changed radically.

Shutter Island

In order to investigate the escape of a brilliant murderess, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, U.S. Marshals, arrive at the Ashecliffe Hospital. Their investigation is interrupted by a storm that cuts the island off from the mainland. Something really weird is happening there, and everybody knows about it.

The Jacket

Jack Starks, a veteran of Desert Storm, somehow ends up at a mental institution and is accused of a murder he did not commit.

Mr. Nobody

A child loves his father just as much as he loves his mother. The child, however, has to make a choice on which his life will depend. Is it a gift? Or Is it a curse? Does it even matter? He has no idea what awaits him.

The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor

A computer science and software specialist created a system that allows people to submerge into a virtual world that imitates New York of the 1930s. The newly made, but no longer young creator decided not to waste time and began to visit his new reality for the purpose of sexual pleasures.

The Fountain

There are three stories about selflessness that take place in three different time-frames of one person’s life. Every one of these stories is so good, it could be worthy of an Oscar on its own because of its love and sincerity.

The Truman Show

There are no bears that ride bikes and no clowns, only Truman who lives in my TV. There is no trace of violence, tears or cynicism in his world. You can sympathize with him or envy him. You can laugh or cry. This movie will stick forever in your memory.


Leonard has an untreatable form of short-term memory loss. He remembers everything up to his wife’s death. He does not know where he was last night nor who the people are around him. Often, people with his condition have to be treated, but Leonard has to do something much more important. He wants revenge for his wife’s murder.

The Matrix

Everything is a dream. We cannot wake up without help. Moreover, on our own, we cannot understand what is truly going on. People live their lives without realizing that they are nothing but energy.

The Bothersome Man

This movie is about choice and the boundaries we build for ourselves when following the rules. Most of us dream of a good job, a beautiful house, and free relationships. In this city, people have everything but problems. They don’t experience emotions. They smile because they have to, not because they want to share happiness.

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