10 Weird and Cool Toasters

10 Weird and Cool Toasters

Waking up and making toast for breakfast usually takes some time, but what if there was an easier, cooler and / or weirder way to do it? If the thought has ever crossed your mind, these ten weird and cool toasters are just what you’ve been looking for. Continue reading to see them all.

10. Self-Rising Toaster

9. VHS Toaster

8. Scan Toaster

A toaster that can burn pretty much anything onto your morning slice, including the news. The Scan Toaster connects to a PC over USB and downloads everything from local weather conditions and the current time to the morning’s news headlines.

7. Handheld Toaster

Innovative portable toaster concept design by Kim Been looks like a regular butter knife and features a graphic user interface that shows the user how well the bread is toasted.

6. Messenger Toaster

This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. The message also gets “toasted” into the toast itself so it gives new meaning to “read while you eat”.

5. Transparent Toaster

This idea is based on a transparent heating glass technology. Although the glass does not currently get hot enough to toast bread, the vendor explained with some R&D this application may be possible.

4. Roller Toaster

This toaster not only toasts bread, but it also allows the user to watch the slice magically transform before their eyes – from cold and squishy to hot ‘n crispy! Rollertoaster�s compact footprint is exceptionally smaller than conventional toasters and its form is modern, clean-lined, and adaptable to any environment.

3. Zuse Toaster

Made of aluminium and plastics, Zuse is a toaster equipped with optical sensor which activates digital toasting once it senses the presence of bread. Inspired by the early matrix printers and designed to work as a traditional print maker, it burns line-by-line black and white pictures with 12 by 12 pixel resolution into the toast. Comes with a memory chip which stores multiple images.

2. Magimix Glass Vision Toaster

Experience the only toaster with a viewing window that lets you watch the toasting process in action. Set the toaster to an automatic brown setting, or simply press a button to pop up your toast when it’s browned just the way you like.

1. Printer Toaster

The toaster looks similar to a desktop ink-jet printer. sliced bread is stacked and fed into the design from the top, it’s then toasted and ejected onto the base.

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