10 Worst Roommates Ever


Living with other people certainly, has its benefits and I have to admit it is kind of fun. You’ll never feel lonely, no matter how much you try, you’ll always have somebody to talk to, even when you want to be alone, and you get to share the chores, even if it includes your roommate’s chores as well.

#1 My Housemate Said He Was Going Out To Buy A Mouse Trap… This Is What He Returned With

#2 Romantic Surprise

#3 Woke Up, Half Asleep, Opened The Door To The Bathroom And My Heart Dropped Down To My Balls. Well Played, Roommate

#4 Friends Pranked Me By Converting My Bedroom Into A Utility Closet While I Was Out Of Town

#5 Went To Defrost The Freezer. Seems My Roommate Has Been Having Some Fun

#6 My Housemate Has To Get Up At 4am For A Train. I’ll Just Leave This Snowman Here

#7 My Roommate Is A Asshole, After Setting Off Security Alarms At The Doors Of Almost Every Store I Went To For 6 Months I Finally Found This Hidden In My Wallet

#9 My Roommate Went To Australia For A Few Months, So We Walled Off His Room

#10 Lost My Keys, Room Mate Offers To Replace Them And I Get These

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