11 Biggest Lego Sets Ever!

Today we feature 11 biggest sets from LEGO has ever released, sorted by number of pieces. We’ve included Amazon links if you want to check out any set further, but keep in mind that most are either intended to be Lego.com exclusives or are out-of-print, so don’t expect to get them for their MSRP but one thing is for sure these are the pinnacle of Lego sets. Love to have them all or I can start collecting them from today.

Which one you like the best?

All data in this list was pulled from independent LEGO site Brickset.com.

#11: SHIELD Helicarrier


For the ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, the Shield Helicarrier comes with five Avengers minifigures, a big bunch of manofigures, and functioning turbines powered by AAA batteries with a special add-on. Along with a few thousand other tiny details.

#10: Imperial Star Destroyer


The Ultimate Collector Series version of the Imperial Star Destroyer is full of interior detail that doesn’t actually show up when the entire beast is assembled. But the most impressive thing about this set is its sheer size – it’s over three feet long! Long out of production, it now routinely sells for over $2,000.

#9: Super Star Destroyer


Did we say the Imperial Star Destroyer was big? If you want to build this Super Star Destroyer, you’re going to need an even bigger table – this massive model is more than four feet long when fully assembled. Its custom minifigs are a nice touch.

#8: Grand Carousel


The Grand Carousel is an epic set for its detail, not for its sheer size. Its complex, colorful, and is (of course) fully motorized.

#7: Sandcrawler


If you’re a big Star Wars fan, these probably are the droid you’re looking for. In addition to several fun droid minifigs (Gonk Droid!), this 2014 version of the Sandcrawler model comes with functioning treads, and of course a ridiculous amount of internal detail. It’s also got nearly twice as many pieces as the original 2005 UCS edition.

#6: Eiffel Tower


After its fully assembled, this Eiffel Tower stands over four feet tall! It’s a challenging build, making it perfect for LEGO pros. Newbies might want to pick a set that isn’t almost all grey pieces.

#5: Death Star II


The Death Star II, like every model on this list, is absolutely massive, of course. But it includes a lot of neat smaller details, too. I’m especially found of the physical lasers.

#4: Death Star


LEGO’s 2008 Death Star is a different kind of LEGO set. Plenty of these massive models have interior detail, but it’s usually hidden away. This Death Star takes a diorama approach, allowing you to see lots of movie scenes all in one model. This set is rumored to end its long run and go out of production soon.

#3: Tower Bridge


Some hardcore LEGO fans dislike the Tower Bridge build since you basically have to build the same tower twice, but it’s still a hugely impressive and aesthetically pleasing model.

#2: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon


What is there left to say about the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon? It’s just plain awesome, all-around. Fantastic build experience, epic scope, nice minifigs, and great detail. If you didn’t snag one when it came out in 2007, expect to shell out as much as $6,000 to buy it in-box now. Reprint, please!

#1: Taj Majal


LEGO’s Taj Mahal set clocks in at almost 6,000 pieces, making it the biggest individual LEGO set ever made. The finished model is over 20 inches wide and over 16 inches tall, making it an imposing model to say the least.

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