11 Incredibly Easy Photography Tricks Which Will Make Your Photos Extraordinary

Everyone wants to excel at Photography and wants to add that extra zing to their photos. Do you ever question how to take a flawless shot? The internet, as well as books and magazines, are full of advice on the subject. but here we have 11 easy tips which will make you aware of your surroundings and teach you ways to use them in your photography.


Use your surroundings to create a ’natural frame’ for your subject. It can be a window, a door, trees or just a couple of branches. Remember: the ’frame’ should not dominate the whole shot.


If you’re shooting something in motion, leave free space in front of it — this way your picture will have a more dynamic feel to it.


Our brain understands information from left to right, so it’s best to position all the important stuff in the right side of the frame.

Camera angle

Experiment with perspective (camera angle) — this way you can both show your subject in a new, wonderful way and also tell a whole story without overstuffing the frame.

Negative space

There are two spaces in every image:

  • positive space (it shows the main subject);
  • negative space (usually it’s the background).

Don’t forget to keep an eye on what is occurring in the negative space; you want it to highlight your main subject, not obstruct it.

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