11 Modern Jobs If They Were Done In Medieval Times

Modern Jobs If They Were Done In Medieval Times

Askreddit thread posed the following question: “What is the Medieval equivalent to your modern job?” The responses below are hilarious and revealing. Scroll through the post and it will make you burst with laughter.

1. Medieval housewife

Being a mum/housewife? No real change there, except then I’d have no human rights.
– WonderWeeble

2. Medieval tech support

“I have a problem… Every time I step outside, my feet get wet.”

“Hmm… Have you tried rebooting?”
– captainmagictrousers

3. Medieval Social Media manager

I would probably just be attaching little notes to Ravens.
– jimbobhas

4. Medieval distiller

I would be doing the exact same job.

Brandy was made as early as the 15th or 14th century. The first recorded instance of distilling is around the 12th century. Medieval use of distilled were crafted in monasteries, and used for medicinal purposes.

It’s more scientific today, but people have been doing my job since the advent of agriculture, creating alcoholic beverages to get us through the days.
– bobroland

5. Medieval web development

I don’t think there is a medieval equivalent of web development… book binding, maybe?
– Treechime

Back then, web development was done by spiders.
– MasterFubar

6. Medieval planetary physics

I’m doing a PhD in Planetary Physics, so I’d probably be an astrologer. Oh ffs.
– holytriplem

7. Medieval chemist

I’d be an alchemist, which would be loads more fun than a chemist. “Hell yeah this snake oil will clear up your genital warts.”
– Podorson

8. Medieval aerospace engineer

I would be dead after attempting to fly off a tower.
– empireofjade

9. Medieval management consultant

I would be an oracle.
– BroccoBaba

10. Medieval real estate agent

I’m a real estate agent currently… So I guess military commander. Your client tells you what land he wants, and you facilitate its acquisition.

Today it’s done with contracts, used to be done with wars. Or marriage, I guess.
– TastyFace

11. Medieval crazy cat lady

I’d still be a crazy cat lady… Or witch?

Via: IPoopedAtIkeaOnce

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