11 Oscars 2017 Viral Moments (VIDEOS)

Justin Timberlake photobombs Emma Stone

Oscars 2017 aired a few days ago and if you missed watching it, we got you covered. To keep you in the loop, we have all of the viral moments setting the internet on fire right now, from Jimmy Kimmel’s candy surprise to an impromptu Mickey Mouse Club reunion.

Justin Timberlake photobombs Emma Stone

Kimmel’s tour bus ambush

And when this woman met RyGos

Sunny Pawar gets Simba-ed

From Lion to Lion King! Jimmy Kimmel lifted Sunny Pawar, the adorable 8-year-old actor from Dev Patel’s nominated film, to recreate the famous Disney scene.

Justin’s moment with wife Jessica Biel

JT & Ryan’s Mickey Mouse Club reunion

Jimmy Kimmel’s candy surprise

Nicole Kidman’s robotic applause

Seth Rogen lives his ‘Back to the Future’ dream

Trump gets live Twitter trolled

Chrissy Teigen naps

‘La La Land’ incorrectly announced as Best Picture

After presenter Warren Beatty announced the movie musical as the recipient of the night’s biggest award, he soon realized Moonlight was the true winner.

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