11 Shocking Star Wars Branded Food Products

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening in theaters this week and the force is high at this moment. Now every store you walk into having some merchandise tie-in to the movie, and you it is the season of Holidays! So I think franchise will make selling merchandise then the sale of the movie tickets. Advance ticket sales in the United States broke all known records.

Check out the list of items and decide which item got the force with them.


Have a taste of  Star Wars character, Campbell soup

Force or Empire like chowing down on some Campbell’s Soup with Yoda’s face on the can. I don’t know what they are selling and why it is connected to Star Wars. I do now want to see how Yoda taste like and you shouldn’t too.


Vader’s apples

Nothing says “Welcome to the Dark Side” like apples.


Grapes recommended by Yoda

Looks like Yoda gets his own brand of produce in the form of grapes. Maybe this is his secret of old age and knowledge.


Kraft’s cheesy Star Wars

Kraft is known for getting in on the character game with their shaped macaroni in their powdered cheese sauce. They actually taste like Yoda, I can vouch for that.


Extra cheesy Chewie

Orange is the new Chewbacca. Now you can enjoy these popcorn like Chewbacca do.


Star Wars cereal, Limited Edition of course

General Mills scored one of the biggest marketing deals with Disney, so it’s mostly their products you’ll see Vader and Yoda’s face slapped all over with.


These are the cookies

Welcome to the Force Side, we have cookies too.


Dark side or bright side, pick your Yogurt

Disney’s marketing team only approved a select few images to be used across the board for these supermarket collectibles. But hey, Dannon has some strawberry and mixed berries yogurt to get your kids into the idea of eating the gooey, fermented milk byproduct.


Jelly beans

Yep, They have jelly beans too. Galactic colored sugary portable diabetes.


Droid water because Droids get too thirsty

Even droids need water to survive. You’d like motor oil, or at least fusion cores.



Jell-O has gone interactive with their tie-in and is letting you make your own edible versions of Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, C-3Po, R2D2, and a Stormtrooper! So grab your favorite flavor of the the gelatin dessert and get to cooking.

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